Compreender o putinismo X

Fazer turismo com maus gps’s na Ucrânia é perigoso e pode ser fatal. A equipa da BBC que trabalha sobre o assunto foi bem recebida na Rússia que, por sinal, tem em vigor uma lei da cópia privada um tanto agressiva.

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Ocupar é divertido

É urgente ocupar o Twitter dos ocupas.

Activists who organized the dormant Occupy Wall Street movement are suing another activist for control of the main Twitter account, and one of the plaintiffs says there was no other option but to turn to litigation to solve the dispute.

The conflict centers around @OccupyWallStNYC, one of the main Twitter feeds that distributed information during the movement’s heyday in 2011. The OWS Media Group filed a lawsuit against organizer Justin Wedes on Wednesday, which is also the third anniversary of the beginning of Occupy Wall Street. The group, led by activist Marisa Holmes, is seeking control of the Twitter account as well as $500,000 in damages.

The Twitter account, which used to be shared among several activists, is now under the control of Wedes, who explained his decision to take over the Twitter feed in a blog post in August:

A thread about “self-promotion” became just another shaming session. If we start from a place of assuming bad intentions – i.e. discouraging “self-promotion” over encouraging solid, relevant content – we will end up with rules that shame rather than empower. Group members took on the task of limiting others to “1 to 2 tweets per day” (or week) on a topic, a form of censorship that would never have been allowed in the earlier days of the boat. I had to say enough!

“We can either go and beat him up or we can go to court,” Holmes, a video editor who was part of the core organizing team of Occupy, told BuzzFeed News. “And quite frankly if we go and beat him up then we could end up with countersuits against us, and that puts us in a more damaging position and we don’t really want to do that anyway.”


Compreender o putinismo IX

Alina Kabayeva

No Kremlin, os recursos humanos continuam a ser geridos a partir da confiança nas capacidades profissionais e humanas das pessoas envolvidas na causa pública.

The former gymnast rumoured to be Vladimir Putin’s girlfriend is giving up her career as an MP to take charge of a pro-Kremlin media holding run by an acquaintance of the Russian president.

Alina Kabayeva, 31, will become chairman of the board of National Media Group, which is controlled by Yury Kovalchuk, a finance and media magnate added to US and EU sanctions lists over the Ukraine crisis earlier this year.

He is allegedly Mr Putin’s “cashier”.

The group owns a 25% stake in the vociferously pro-Kremlin Channel One television station and a majority stake in the government-friendly Izvestiya newspaper.

Miss Kabayeva, who was an Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics in 2004, has served for six years as a deputy from the pro-Putin United Russia Party in the State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament.

O sonho comanda a jihad e burocracia quer dar cabo dela

O jovem conhecido como Mohammad Daniel, Abu Abdul Rahman ou mesmo Mark John Taylor, foi forçado a emigrar. Rumo a vida mais plena, assentou na Síria. A experiência como “soldado de Alá” não terá corrido de acordo com os sonhos revelados pelo Altíssimo. Como se a vida de terrorista não fosse suficientemente agreste, a má sorte parece perseguir o bom muçulmano: um infeliz incêndio queimou o seu passaporte e as autoridades neo-zelandesas parecem não estar muito receptivas a emitirem um novo documento. Parece impossível não percebem os desejos do viajante aventureiro Mohammad Daniel em sair da Síria. O homem pela bondade da missão praticada, merece regressar a casa e em classe executiva, que a viagem ainda é longa. Alguém lança uma petição?

Compreender o putinismo VIII

Ocidentais, finalmente podemos pedir as devidas desculpas a Vladimir Putin.

El presidente ruso Vladímir Putin cree que Occidente debe pedirle perdón y por ello ha abierto una página web con un manifiesto que cualquier ciudadano occidental puede firmar. Traducida a varios idiomas, se trata de una carta dirigida tanto a Putin como a todo el pueblo de ruso, y cuyas primeras líneas van directas al grano: «Les rogamos acepten nuestras disculpas por el comportamiento de nuestros Gobiernos y medios de comunicación».


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Mais uma conspiração sionista revelada


Desta vez a sorte coube ao Krav Maga. É preciso estar atento à Angelina Jolie, ao Brad Pitt, aos ginásios, academias e federações por esse mundo fora.

(…) Mashregh warns that Israel is now undertaking “mysterious activities” involved in spreading Krav Maga worldwide. The news site concludes that it cannot yet give an answer as to what is behind Israel’s plot to spread the martial art, but notes that the dangerous trend should be observed.  Mashregh’s comments come amid reports that Hollywood celebrities, particularly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are taking lessons in Krav Maga.  Mashregh regularly features articles accusing Israel and Hollywood of various covert plans for world domination. In 2012, the news site wrote that Israel and Hollywood were working together to promote homosexuality as part of a global plot to subjugate humankind in a plot based in Tel Aviv, which Mashregh described as the “gay capital of the world.”

Terror: conferência de doadores

O apoio dificilmente podia ser mais evidente. Claro que continua a haver espaço para trazer à discussão as Grandes Guerras, o império norte-americano e a existência de Israel.

Standing at the front of a conference hall in Doha, the visiting sheikh told his audience of wealthy Qataris that to help the battered residents of Syria, they should not bother with donations to humanitarian programs or the Western-backed Free Syrian Army.

“Give your money to the ones who will spend it on jihad, not aid,” implored the sheikh, Hajaj al-Ajmi, recently identified by the United States government as a fund-raiser for Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate.

Silly adviser em alta


Erdoğan appoints aide who denounced ‘murder attempts by telekinesis’ as economic adviser

Newly inaugurated Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has appointed his close aide Yiğit Bulut to be his chief economics adviser, his office said on Aug. 30, a move likely to alarm investors already concerned over the management of the country’s finances.

Bulut, an influential but divisive figure, was a key voice in the ear of Erdoğan when the latter was still prime minister, hitting international headlines during last summer’s Gezi Park protests when he claimed that foreign powers were trying to kill Erdoğan through telekinesis.

He is a vocal champion of the idea that a shadowy international “interest rate lobby” is working to sabotage Turkey’s economy through higher rates, and declared his devotion to his patron by saying he was “ready to die for Erdoğan if necessary.” His heroic announcement prompted a number of his critics to start referring to him by the English translation of his name, “Brave Cloud.”

Bulut also made headlines earlier this year when he said that in the future Turkey would no longer need to maintain ties with Europe.

Da Turquia

Para os amigos da Palestina unida, com amor.

Hamas Coup Against Abbas Foiled.

A large scale operation mounted from May to August by the IDF and Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) foiled a Hamas network’s plot to carry out a coup in the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Judea and Samaria.

The news about the operation was under a gag order until today.

The Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria was controlled by a Hamas HQ in Turkey. The plot was to carry out a series of cruel terror attacks against Israel and create a situation of security instability, then take advantage of that situation to take over the PA.

Israel announced that 93 Hamas terrorists were arrested in the operation. Of these, 46 were taken to interrogation by the ISA. Hamas terror funds amounting to over 600,000 shekels (about $170,000) were confiscated and weapons including 54 guns, 6 handguns and 7 RPGs were seized.

The network was assisted by an additional array in Jordan and on carriers, who carried funds amounting to over 2 million NIS into Judea and Samaria for the purchase of weapons and hideout apartments.

The military infrastructure was headed by Riad Nasser, 38, of Deir Kadis in the Binyamin region, who has served several stints in jail for Hamas terror activity.

Nasser was recruited by Saleh Alaruri, 47, who is in charge of the Hamas infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, and who is currently in Turkey. Nasser’s interrogation revealed a carefully crafted plan for toppling the PA government of Mahmoud Abbas.

Um ano depois da guerra justa


Contra os tipos a soldo da CIA e da Mossad.

One Year after Historic Attacks, Egypt Has Yet to Aid Christians

Few church buildings restored as Copts struggle to rebuild their lives.

One year after the attacks, Mina Thabet can still see the ruins in his mind; a seemingly endless series of scorched, hollowed-out church buildings, schools, homes and businesses stretching out across Egypt.

On Aug. 14, 2013, thousands of Muslims began a four-day rampage throughout the country seeking revenge for the military-backed, popular ouster of the Islamist president Mohamed Morsi. They attacked anything remotely associated with Christ, Christians or Christianity.

When it was over, Thabet, a well-known Coptic human rights activist, went to survey the damage. He said it was a life-changing experience.

“I visited Minya – it was awful,” he said. “When I got to the Corniche area, I saw how much damage had been done, and I saw the bathroom that had what remained of two people who were burned alive inside.”

A year has passed since the attacks, but Mina and others say that Christians are still struggling to rebuild their lives. After the first day of attacks, then-Defense Minister Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, now the nation’s president, publicly promised that the army would restore all church buildings destroyed in the attacks. Only five of the 32 destroyed church buildings have been rebuilt.

More importantly, Mina and others said, Christians have received no government assistance to replace more than 100 homes, businesses and other personal property lost in the attacks.

“There were three stages for rebuilding and renovating churches,” Mina said. “Of the three stages, they haven’t finished the first step, which doesn’t even include 10 churches. They haven’t done anything to help the people.”

Alcança, quem não cansa

Mas é capaz de ser mais prudente esperar sentado.

El Vaticano pide a los líderes musulmanes que condenen la violencia y persecución que sufren cristianos, yazidíes, y otras minorías religiosas y étnicas en Irak.
En una declaración, el Pontificio Consejo para el Diálogo Interreligioso pide a líderes religiosos, sobre todo a los musulmanes, que condenen abiertamente la violencia y den un paso contra los yihadistas y sus actos críminales. No hacerlo dañaría la credibilidad de cualquier religión, de sus seguidores y líderes,asegura la declaración
El documento también subraya que ningún motivo ni religión puede justificar esta violencia, e incluye una lista con los crímenes cometidos por los yihadistas que pretenden imponer un Estado islámico.
Entre ellos destacan la decapitación y crucifixión por motivos religiosos; la conversión forzada al Islam, o el pago de un impuesto en su lugar; los secuestros de mujeres y niñas, y la destrucción de lugares de culto.
 El documento reconoce que la mayor parte de instituciones religiosas y políticas musulmanas se oponen a los yihadistas. Sin embargo, aclara, esta oposición no ha evitado más ataques. (…)




Por forma a aplicar as mesmas regras universais às relações internacionais, Vladimir Putin acede a fazer mais um referendo, desta vez no Leste da Ucrânia. Polónia, Finlândia, Moldávia, países bálticos, Geórgia e Azerbaijão são os países que se seguem na “short list” onde a Rússia deseja prosseguir a democracia. A questão é: “Considera prioritário o envio de ajuda humanitária suiça?”

Visionamento recomendado

Apesar dos especiais cuidados que os meios de comunicação social devem ter na abordagem ao tema do terrorismo, aconselho o visionamento do trabalho da Vice, o primeiro orgão de comunicação “embedded” com o grupo terrorista Estado Islâmico.

The Islamic State (Part 3)- O passeio com a polícia da virtude e dos bons costumes islâmicos.

The Islamic State (Part 2)- A doutrinação de crianças na moral do grupo terrorista.

The Islamic State (Part 1)- O jornalista Medyan Dairieh inicia a reportagem na cidade de Raqqa (Síria), onde o grupo jihadista procura dominar a resistência oferecida pelo exército do ditador Assad.


Compreender o putinismo III

Em boa verdade, o fenómemo não assenta em grandes novidades.

Putin’s ‘Russian Spring’ Idea was Invented by Russian Fascists in 1920s.

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