Saí um Nobel para Blatter



Relações que fazem sentido e que dão frutos.

Russian president Vladimir Putin believes FIFA president Sepp Blatter is worthy of the Nobel Prize.

“I think people like Mr. Blatter or the heads of big international sporting federations, or the Olympic Games, deserve a special recognition.” Putin said on a Swiss television station, according to Reuters. “If there is anyone who deserves the Nobel prize, it’s those people.”

Putin also said he doesn’t believe Blatter is personally guilty of corruption despite a widespread corruption scandal engulfing FIFA.

No paraíso socialista

O Querido continua a tradição de olhar para as coisas na mais bem conseguida democracia popular de que há memória

O Querido continua a tradição de olhar para as coisas na mais bem conseguida democracia popular de que há memória

A idolatria ao serviço do Querido Irmão.

Ending months of speculation, Daily NK has learned that Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s younger sister, has been put in charge of idolization projects for the leadership within the Propaganda and Agitation Department [PAD], while the head of the group, Kim Ki Nam, has been relegated to a supportive role therein.

A source close to North Korea in Japan told Daily NK on the 20th, “Kim Yo Jong is assisting in consolidating Kim Jong Un’s power, which is what her aunt, Kim Kyong Hui, once did. As vice director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department, Kim Yo Jong is actually in power and leading idolization projects related to Kim Jong Un.”

This news was corroborated by an additional source within North Korea, but for her safety Daily NK cannot release her region.

The source added that Kim Jong Un, currently in his fourth year at the helm of North Korea, directly assigned his sister to the project in order to fortify idolization projects perpetuating the regime’s cult of personality, a cornerstone of the system.

“It is said that Kim Jong Un has the utmost trust and confidence in his sister,” he asserted, speculating that Kim Jong Un saw his sister as the most apt person to undertake the task of promulgating the “Greatest Dignity,” given that she herself shares the legitimating bloodline [Baekdu bloodline] of the North Korean leadership widely and frequently proclaimed by official propaganda outlets.

Her status as his biological sister places her on a pedestal of trust amid the leader’s cycle of purges, which the source described as “indicative of Kim Jong Un’s overall lack of trust among the Party cadres surrounding him.”

Em Loures também há festa rija

North Korea Elections Achieve 99.97% Turnout

Voters in North Korea’s local elections “dance and sing” their way to the polls, where they have one candidate to choose from. (…)

The elections were Mr Kim’s first at a local level since he inherited the position in 2011, with voters reportedly  “singing and dancing” as they cast their vote at polling stations “clad in a festive atmosphere”.

Pyongyang’s official Korean Central News Agency said: “All participants took part in the elections with extraordinary enthusiasm to cement the revolutionary power through the elections of deputies to the local people’s assemblies”. (…)

Foram Charlie

A rendição de Charlie Hebdo ao terror islâmico

No more Muhammad comics, says Charlie Hebdo editor Sourisseau

“Charlie Hebdo” editor Laurent Sourisseau has told “Stern” magazine he will no longer draw cartoons of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. Souriseau’s statement comes six months after a deadly attack on the magazine’s offices.

Dicas de verdadeira poupança

Foto: AFP/Pauline Froissart. É tempo de acabar com a obsessão burguesa pelo dinheiro.

Foto: AFP/Pauline Froissart. É tempo de acabar com a obsessão burguesa pelo dinheiro.

O Povo é quem mais ordena. Na Grécia, onde  o Povo grego não presta vassalagem aos escravos hipnotizados pelo vil metal de cariz neo-liberal e tudo o que com ele é capaz de comprar corromper, nomeadamente açúcar, farinha e arroz.

Compreender o putinismo XXVI


Já se sabia que ao serviço da Santa Mãe Rússia há soldados que não existem. Parece que passou a ser crime falar, escrever ou apenas procurar pelos soldados mortos ou feridos em gloriosos tempos de paz e prosperidade.

Russia has made it a crime to speak, write or broadcast about Russian troop losses in peacetime and about people co-operating with Russian foreign intelligence, in what critics said was a Kremlin attempt to stop all information about Moscow’s involvement in the war in Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on Thursday spelling out more than 20 additions to Russia’s state secrets law, including “information which reveals personnel losses in times of war and in peace time while a special operation is being conducted”. The new censorship rules mean families of Russian soldiers killed fighting in Ukraine or activists researching Moscow’s clandestine campaign risk prison sentences of up to eight years.

“It appears that the position of just denying there are Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine cannot last any longer,” said Kirill Koroteev, a lawyer with Memorial, the human rights group.

Earlier this month, associates of the murdered opposition politician Boris Nemtsov published adamning report that said at least 220 active Russian soldiers had died fighting in Ukraine.

Days before he was shot in central Moscow in February, Nemtsov said he intended to enlighten the Russian people, starting with families of military and security officials, that Mr Putin was dragging the country into war.

“Now people will go to prison for searching for data about our fallen soldiers,” Ilya Yashin, one of Nemtsov’s closest associates and co-author of the report, wrote on Twitter.

Olga Romanova, a journalist and rights activist, wrote on her Facebook page: “These things mean that a blogger will be criminally prosecuted for writing about a young widow . . . crying after she received a coffin from Donbass.”

Technically, Russia’s state secrets law only covers certain institutions or persons. But legal experts said the new rules could easily be applied more broadly to silence families of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine, activists distributing or publicly discussing such information and all media reports about Russian involvement in the war.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov

Foto: Alexander Vershinin/AP

Foto: Alexander Vershinin/AP

Um nome, um líder, uma obra a reter.

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov gallops ahead in race to construct a cult of personality bigger than his predecessor’s, the late dictator Saparmurat Niyazov

Turkmenistan’s equestrian-mad leader has been honoured with a huge monument in the capital city, featuring his likeness atop a golden horse.  Cast in bronze and covered in 24-carat gold leaf, the statue of Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov soars over 20 metres from the ground and is perched on an outcrop of white marble cliff.  Berdymukhamedov, who has run the country since 2006 and is accused of presiding over one of the most pervasive personality cults in the world, is widely known as Arkadag, or the patron.


Pela marcha patriótica do aumento da produção socialista


O governo bolivariano expande a planificação socialista em todas as empresas do estado. Um sonho tornado realidade, graças ao superior empenho do camarada/presidente Maduro.

Google, Twitter e Facebook em russo


É do interesse universal que parem de violar a censura as leis russas. A santa mãe Rússia deu-se ao trabalho de os avisar, antes do envio dos “homens verdes”.

Adenda: Pavel Durov explica o processo de “nacionalização” da sua empresa.

Fashion victims no Irão

Graças a Deus, os homens criaram a regulação dos cortes de cabelo.

Jagged haircuts have become fashionable among all strata of Iran’s youthful population in recent years, but have divided opinion and been deemed by the authorities as western and un-Islamic.

“Devil worshipping hairstyles are now forbidden,” said Mostafa Govahi, the head of Iran’s Barbers Union, cited by the ISNA news agency.

“Any shop that cuts hair in the devil worshipping style will be harshly dealt with and their licence revoked,” he said, noting that if a business cut hair in such a style this will “violate the Islamic system’s regulations”.

As well as tattoos being banned, solarium treatments and the plucking of eyebrows – another rising trend among young Iranian males – will not be tolerated, the report said.

Mr Govahi blamed unauthorised barbers for offering the spiky hairstyles and other treatments.

“Usually the barber shops who do this do not have a licence. They have been identified and will be dealt with,” he said.

#pensaremgrande II


Não sejamos tímidos. Exijamos um aeroporto de Beja em cada cidade portuguesa. Afinal, há uma mina inesgotável de ouro no Rato.

Foi para isto que se fez o 25 de Abril


O camarada não tem nada de verdadeiramente interessante para fazer cumprir o ideal do 25 de Abril? Marque já na sua agenda, um romaria solidária a Évora. Incluí a realização de um cordão humano cujo mote é JOSÉ SÓCRATES sempre!

Compreender o putinismo XXII


Não se aguenta tanto totalitarismo.

“Kiev used truly totalitarian methods, attacking freedom of the press, opinion or conscience,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement, also accusing Ukraine of “rewriting history”. Ukraine’s parliament voted on Thursday to ban communist-era and Nazi symbols in a bid to break with the country’s past.

O imperialismo sem limites

Churrasco não islâmico patrocinado pela família Koch

Churrasco não islâmico patrocinado pela família Koch

Os irmãos Koch tentam envenenar a malta do Estado Islâmico com paletes de galinhas não-halal.

“Socialmente” quê?


“Na sequência do se pedido de emprego, queira comparecer em ……… no dia…. pelas…., a fim de lhe ser apresentada uma proposta para participação em projecto de trabalho socialmente necessário”


Bem, cá em casa somos absolutamente a favor do controlo de todo e qualquer subsídio, sendo por princípio contra todo e qualquer subsídio, mas isto (a somar a outras coisas) é inenarrável. O que é “trabalho socialmente necessário”? Que merda é esta? E se quem se lembra desta coisas fosse apanhar no cu? Esta carta vinda do IEFP e cheia de ameaças foi recebida por uma senhora com 50 anos, pela primeira vez desempregada, que há 32 anos faz descontos para a Segurança Social e cujo subsídio é menos de 50% do que ganhava quando tinha emprego. Há 15 dias foi obrigada a comparecer na apresentação de um curso de geriatria onde, entre 29 pessoas, 27 nunca fizeram qualquer desconto e foi-lhes proposto o curso de 4 horas por dia, pago a 15€ por hora, mais 4€  por dia para subsídio de refeição durante três meses. Quem está a receber o subsídio de desemprego (receba 400, 500 ou 1000€) não seria pago caso o frequentasse. Estes azeiteiros, cujo líder é o azeiteiro-mor, o Ministro Scooter (esse gnomo mal amanhado), que mereciam era ser corridos à chapada, criam assim a profissão de Frequentador de Cursos do IEFP. Quanto aos outros, os que andam há décadas a sustentar-lhe as masturbações são intimados a fazer “trabalho socialmente necessário”. Pois, caro Ministro Scooter vá gozar com o raio que o parta e enfie o socialismo onde mais lhe aprouver.


Palavras e ventos de paz


Turkey’s Erdogan says can’t tolerate Iran bid to dominate Middle East

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused Iran on Thursday of trying to dominate the Middle East and said its efforts have begun annoying Ankara, as well as Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab countries.

Turkey earlier said it supports the Saudi-led military operation against Houthi rebels in Yemen and called on the militia group and its “foreign supporters” to abandon acts which threaten peace and security in the region.

“Iran is trying to dominate the region,” said Erdogan, who is due to visit Tehran in early April. “Could this be allowed? This has begun annoying us, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. This is really not tolerable and Iran has to see this,” he added in a press conference.


Entretanto, as reformas continuam a ser implantadas a bom ritmo.

Acção de defesa socialista

O senhor advogado do 44 precisa de menos acção socialista e de mais e melhores conselhos em termos de asessoria de imprensa.

Notícia o Observador:

O Correio da Manhã vai interpor um processo contra o advogado de defesa de José Sócrates, João Araújo, que esta manhã aconselhou uma jornalista daquele jornal a “tomar mais banho porque cheira mal”. Tudo se passou à porta do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, na Praça do Comércio, em Lisboa, quando o advogado do ex-primeiro-ministro saía da audiência sobre o habeas corpus que apresentou.

Perseguido por alguns jornalistas, João Araújo recusou fazer comentários. “Desampare-me a loja”, disse o advogado à jornalista Tânia Laranjo, do Correio da Manhã, que transmitiu toda a cena em direto na televisão. “A senhora devia tomar mais banho porque cheira mal”, afirmou de seguida, à medida que ia sendo questionado pela jornalista. “Esta gajada mete-me nojo”, diria ainda, sempre a ser acompanhado pela equipa de reportagem da CMTV.


Nova oportunidade para os críticos de cartoons XI



Fonte: Jesus and Mo.

A new low: Charlie Hebdo’s murdered staff receive an ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award


NYT “crop” de referência


George W Bush cropped out of New York Times front cover image of Selma march

US newspaper accused of “liberal bias” after using image of Selma anniversary march on front page showing Barack and Michelle Obama, but with George and Laura Bush missing

Zé dos Plásticos

O Zé dos Plásticos é um super-herói cujo arquinimigo é o Saco de Plástico. Dormimos todos mais descansados sabendo que o Zé dos Plásticos está a tento aos ataques do Saco de Plástico, ao ambiente plastic-free e às dores nas costas das velhinhas que já não os carregam com compras.


Nova oportunidade para os críticos de cartoons X

A survivor of the Copenhagen attack speaks: ‘If we should stop drawing cartoons, should we also stop having synagogues?’

Maduro: a última vítima da “direita pelo direito à blasfemia”



O Presidente da Venezuela é a mais recente aquisição da glamourosa equipa dos críticos de cartoons.

Fonte: Semana.