Padrão Ouro está de volta?

No Estado do Utah parece que sim.

“For now, however, Utah is seen just as a test lab.
“These actions by state legislatures are mostly symbolic — declaring that people can use a one-ounce federally minted gold coin at its face value of $50 doesn’t really give people a reason to do that,” Lawrence H. White, a professor of economics at George Mason University who has published several reports on the topic, tells ABC News.
“But it’s a statement by the state legislators that they are concerned by the state of the dollar.” 
Today’s loose monetary policy aims to rekindle more robust economic growth although it threatens to send inflation rising in the process.
Federal Reserve officials, meanwhile, say rising inflation rates don’t merit tighter policy.
“The Fed is not going to see inflation as a threat so they have the freedom to keep interest rates low longer,” David Wyss, chief economist at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services in New York, tells Reuters.
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O mundo parece estar a acordar para o problema monetário. Já não era sem tempo.