Jerónimo de Sousa, o Novo Rico

Jerónimo de Sousa Capitalista.gif

Agradecemos ao nosso leitor MFA (Manuel Folque Antunes) o grafismo. Está excelente.

Quanto a Jerónimo, no fundo é apenas mais um “artista”. Apenas mais hipócrita.

Nota: para quem ler isto depois de 2019, aconselho: PCP, Sábado, Ana Leal com provas.

Hipocrisia Repulsiva de Obama

Repulsive progressive hypocrisy.

Excerto do último parágrafo:

I’ve often made the case that one of the most consequential aspects of the Obama legacy is that he has transformed what was once known as “right-wing shredding of the Constitution” into bipartisan consensus, and this is exactly what I mean. When one of the two major parties supports a certain policy and the other party pretends to oppose it — as happened with these radical War on Terror policies during the Bush years — then public opinion is divisive on the question, sharply split. But once the policy becomes the hallmark of both political parties, then public opinion becomes robust in support of it. That’s because people assume that if both political parties support a certain policy that it must be wise, and because policies that enjoy the status of bipartisan consensus are removed from the realm of mainstream challenge. That’s what Barack Obama has done to these Bush/Cheney policies: he has, asJack Goldsmith predicted he would back in 2009, shielded and entrenched them as standard U.S. policy for at least a generation, and (by leading his supporters to embrace these policies as their own) has done so with far more success than any GOP President ever could have dreamed of achieving.

Eu nunca gostei do Bush II. Infelizmente, Obama é mais e mais Bush III.