Partido Democrata enterra-se

The Night the Democratic Party Committed Political Suicide

That’s why I report the Democratic Party committed political suicide on Tuesday night. Their response to Trump’s speech was out of bounds. It wasn’t normal. It was hateful. It was bizarre. Actually, in a word, it was “foreign.” The Democratic Party is now a foreign party in their own country. They no longer have any understanding of what people born in America think or feel.

It’s perfectly fine to be respectfully opposed to the politics of one party or president. That’s acceptable. That’s as American as apple pie. But that’s not what happened on Tuesday night.

Democrats were outed as the party that is rooting for America’s failure. Rooting against a booming economy. Rooting for misery, instead of prosperity. Rooting against job creation. Rooting against a booming stock market. Rooting against employee bonuses. Angry about the lowest black unemployment ever. Angry about the lowest Hispanic unemployment ever. Angry at the lowest female unemployment in 18 years.


Partido Democrata prefere um país em ruínas, em que todos dependam do Estado e das suas empresas rentistas – quem fornece muletas gosta de pernas partidas, nem que tenham de as partir eles mesmos. E se falha depois faz esta cara. Tamanho ódio… Triste.

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