Eurocratas detectam mais uma “falha de mercado”

Crowdfunding needs EU rules, says markets watchdog

É inadimissível que o financiamento de micro-projectos seja feito de forma voluntária sem controlo da burocracia comunitária. Imagino que lhe cause uriticária.

Government failure

A propósito do gigantesco blacktout que ontem afectou cerca de 670 milhões de pessoas na India.

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Surendra Rao, formerly India’s top electricity regulator, said the national grid had a sophisticated system of circuit breakers that should have prevented such a blackout. But he attributed this week’s problems to the bureaucrats who control the system, saying that civil servants are beholden to elected state leaders who demand that more power be diverted to their regions — even if doing so threatens the stability of the national grid.(…)

India’s power generation capacity also has not kept pace with growth. Demand outpaced supply by 10.2 percent in March, government statistics show. Continue a ler “Government failure”