Não há justiça sem Liberdade Económica – Rev. Sirico

The good citizens of Chicago experienced several days of protests this month surrounding the NATO summit. The demonstrators took to the streets to denounce everything from climate change to the military to “the rich” to capitalism itself.

There was a common noble yearning underlying their eclectic set of grievances, however: a demand for “social justice.”

While this hallowed demand allowed them to claim the moral high ground, the demonstrator are really motivated by something far more base: crass materialism and covetous greed.

Here is what I mean:

In countless debates and conversations with modern proponents of social justice, I have noticed that they are less interested in justice than in material equality. They borrow the language of justice and the common good but have either forgotten or rejected the classical meanings of those terms.

In the classical tradition of reflection on justice (especially seen in Aristotle, St. Thomas Aquinas, and their intellectual descendants) it is clear that inequality—in the sense of unequal wealth or social status—is mostly compatible with justice, because justice is “to give to each his due.”

What one is due, of course, differs from person to person—in addition to those things due everyone: life, dignity, and liberty for example.

When we speak of the idea of the common good, we need to be open-minded about the most likely way to bring it about. The common good is, after all, a range of conditions, not a set of policies. It cannot be achieved by way of the “commonality of goods” proposed by socialists, but rather through the institutions that the socialists worked so hard to discredit.

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The Call of the Entrepreneur

Um dos melhores vídeos de sempre para compreender a Economia, pelo Instituto Acton.

Conta a história de 3 Empreendedores: um agricultor em Evart, um financeiro em Nova Iorque e um refugiado Comunista em Hong Kong. Robert Sirico, Michael Novak, George Gilder e outros membros do Instituto Acton usam aqueles 3 exemplos para exemplificar como os Empreendedores mudam o mundo.

Quem quiser ver o vídeo fale comigo pois eu fiquei com ele após o Campo da Liberdade Porto 2010.

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