Rose Friedman 1911 – 2009

Faleceu Rose Friedman, economista e viúva de Milton Friedman:

The couple’s 1980 book, ‘‘Free to Choose,’’ demonstrated how the government can undermine economic prosperity and concluded inflation can be produced only by rapid growth in the money supply. In a 2003 speech, Ben S. Bernanke, now chairman of the Federal Reserve, said ‘‘one can hardly overstate’’ the couple’s influence on policy. Their efforts played a role in decisions that ranged from severing the dollar’s peg to gold in the 1970s to ending the military draft, according to economic historian and Carnegie Mellon University professor Allan H. Meltzer. They conceived or improved upon numerous ideas that remain central to public-policy debates, including using vouchers to help parents select the schools their children attend, legalizing drugs and privatizing Social Security.

Rose Friedman em Two Lucky People: Memoirs:

Our central theme in public advocacy has been the promotion of human freedom….it underlies our opposition to rent control and general wage and price controls, our support for educational choice, privatizing radio and television channels, an all-volunteer army, limitation of government spending, legalization of drugs, privatizing Social Security, free trade, and the deregulation of industry and private life to the fullest extent possible.


‘There’s no business that’s too small for government to torture’*

California Town Shuts Down Child’s Lemonade Stand:

The story began Monday morning when Daniela and her stepmother, Marisa Earnest, set up shop at Cartmill Avenue and Hillman Street in north Tulare. The lemonade was freshly squeezed and priced at $2 for a 32-ounce plastic cup.
Richard Garcia, a Tulare code enforcement officer, happened to be at the same intersection to remove illegal signs left behind by someone selling tetherball poles.
Garcia told Daniela and her stepmother that their lemonade stand — on the northwest corner of the busy intersection — was not safe, and also that they needed a business license to sell lemonade.
He helped the pair load their ice chest and equipment into their car and then called city planners to find out where they could relocate.(…)
Vice Mayor Philip Vandegrift said a compromise — possibly asking lemonade stand operators to pay a nominal fee or establishing a license fee waiver for children under a certain age — could be the outcome of Daniela’s experience.

*John Stossel

Lista de utilizadores do Twitter no Irão

A cobertura das eleições iranianas e dos motins que seguiram ao anúncio dos resultados podem ser seguidos nesta lista de twitters que estão no Irão:

A cobertura no Twitter tem sido excepcional, sobretudo se tivermos em conta  as condições adversas
em que os twitters iranianos estão a relatar e publicar factos,  acontecimentos, imagens e vídeos.



James von Brunn, o assassino de extrema esquerda direita

Até agora o que se sabe de James Von Brunn:

Registered Democrat (needs confirmation)
Christian hater
Jew Hater
FOX News’ O’Reilly hater
Weekly Standard hater
Bush hater
Neo-con hater
9-11 was an inside job nut
Stated that “SOCIALISM, represents the future of the West”
Stated that the Apostle Paul destroyed Rome by undermining its pagan virility.
Hated corporations

Via Gateway Pundit

Ler também: The Holocaust Museum shooter has absolutely nothing to do with the labels he’s been given.

Mas o Público já tem a certeza: Von Brunn é de extrema direita.

RealClearPolitics – Video – Thomas Sowell: Stimulus Might End Up Being a Sedative

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Causa “progressiva”

EU judges want Sharia law applied in British courts:

Judges could be forced to bow to Sharia law in some divorce cases heard in Britain.
An EU plan calls for family courts across Europe to hear cases using the laws of whichever country the couple involved have close links to.
That could mean a court in England handling a case within the French legal framework, or even applying the laws of Saudi Arabia to a husband and wife living in Britain.


Gary Varvel

Ayn Rand, John Galt e as manifestações “Tea Party”

“Going Galt”: America’s Wealth Producers vs. Wealth Redistributors por Michelle Malkin:

Enough. In a word, that is the message of disgusted taxpayers fed up with the confiscatory policies of both parties in Washington. George Bush pre-socialized the economy with billion-dollar bailouts of the financial and auto industries. Barack Obama is pouring billions more down those sinkholes. It isn’t just the camel’s back that’s broken. His neck and four legs have all snapped, too.

Enough. Last Friday, thousands of Americans turned out to protest reckless government spending in the pork-laden stimulus package, the earmark-clogged budget bill, the massive mortgage-entitlement program and taxpayer-funded corporate rescues. Contrary to false left-wing blog smears that the hastily planned impromptu events were “Astro-turfed,” the crowds were packed with first-time grassroots activists. They were people with families and day jobs whose usual definition of “community organizing” involves neighborhood yard sales or their kids’ soccer matches. They were members of the silent majority who decided to be silent no more

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Cultura da Morte

Simplesmente doentio: Iraq’s ‘female bomber recruiter’

Suspected militant recruiter Samira Jassim reportedly calls herself “the Mother of Believers”.
Detained in January by Iraqi security forces, the mother of six is accused of converting dozens of vulnerable women into suicide attackers. In an apparent video confession, the middle-aged woman described how she identified potential bombers, helped supply them with explosives and led them to their targets.
She also explained, in a separate interview with the Associated Press, how insurgents used rape as a tool, with the “shamed” women persuaded to redeem themselves through suicide attacks. Her apparent confession could help throw light on the recent increase in attacks in Iraq involving female bombers.


The widely publicized study headed by Burnham contended that nearly 655,000 Iraqis had died because of the U.S.-led invasion and war in Iraq. “When asked to provide several basic facts about this research, Burnham refused,” the council said in a statement. It noted that the group’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices calls for researchers to disclose their methodology when survey findings are made public so they can be independently evaluated and verified.
“Dr. Burnham provided only partial information and explicitly refused to provide complete information about the basic elements of his research,” said Mary Losch, chair of the association’s Standards Committee. The group made no judgment on whether Burnham’s findings were accurate but said his refusal to fully cooperate with the probe “violates the fundamental standards of science, seriously undermines open public debate on critical issues and undermines the credibility of all survey and public opinion research.”


Swat: Pakistan’s lost paradise:

Amid Barack Obama’s inauguration as US president, the war on Gaza and the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, Pakistan’s media had until recently all but ignored the descent into hell of the Swat Valley in the North-West Frontier Province.
The valley has been transformed from a tourism magnet because of its alpine scenery into a valley stained with blood in recent months. From banning female education and blowing up schools to the hanging of decapitated bodies in Mingora, the valley’s main town, the reign of terror spearheaded by Maulana Fazalullah, a radical cleric, defies description.

A Bleak Day

I love this. The new kind of politics of hope. Eight hours of debate in the HR to pass a bill spending $820 billion, or roughly $102 billion per hour of debate. Only ten per cent of the “stimulus” to be spent on 2009. Close to half goes to entities that sponsor or employ or both members of the Service Employees International Union, federal, state, and municipal employee unions, or other Democrat-controlled unions.
This bill is sent to Congress after Obama has been in office for seven days. It is 680 pages long. According to my calculations, not one member of Congress read the entire bill before this vote. Obviously, it would have been impossible, given his schedule, for President Obama to have read the entire bill.

“I’m getting uncomfortable”

A entrevista era difícil, tinha perguntas difíceis, e chamar às prisões supervisionadas por Che “campos de concentração” não tá com nada:

‘Che’ spurs debate, Del Toro walkout

A controversial new biopic about Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara is awakening old passions and provoking vigorous defenses and denunciations of the iconic revolutionary and – in the case of an interview with The Washington Times – a dramatic walkout.
“I’m getting uncomfortable,” Benicio del Toro said after fielding a question about his new movie’s portrayal of the Bolivian and Cuban revolutions. “I’m done. I’m done, I hope you write whatever you want. I don’t give a damn.” With that, the Oscar-winning actor walked away, abruptly terminating an interview conducted late last week to discuss director Steven Soderbergh’s “Che.”

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Totalitarismo Chic no Fantasporto
Hollywood e Che Guevara

Desta vez, a doutrina do ódio foi relatada pela Associated Press

UN’s role in Gaza rises among the rubble (via LGF)

In one classroom Saturday, when UNRWA schools reopened, a Palestinian teacher was filmed asking children about their trauma during the war. The unidentified teacher then told the children that Palestinians have to “wage war against them (Israelis) until they leave their land,” and asked her students, aged about 8, how they should react.
Two children in the class suggested hurling stones or rockets back at Israel. “Okay,” the teacher said, apparently summing up her class’ position. “We throw rockets at them, we throw stones at them,” she said.
Ging said such behavior is “completely unacceptable,” and will be “dealt with in the most severest of fashions.” He said the teacher would likely be removed once identified. Teachers have been fired from UNRWA in the past for incitement.

Simplesmente Doentio

Clérigo egípcio justifica o Holocausto (aviso: o vídeo contém imagens chocantes)

Adenda: o vídeo foi retirado do Youtube, mas podem vê-lo aqui (LGF) ou aqui mesmo, neste post (obrigada ao Miguel pela ajuda!): Continue reading “Simplesmente Doentio”

Totalitarismo Chic no Fantasporto

Che (o Argentino) na sessão de abertura do Fantasporto:

Che (The Argentine)

Finalmente, o cinema americano rendeu-se a um dos seus maiores inimigos e aqueles que ainda hoje se passeiam de t-shirt e boina ao Ernesto “Che” Guevara, têm a hipótese de conhecer a verdadeira história do herói que veneram.  “Che” é o olhar do mais independente dos realizadores americanos sobre a lenda de um dos grandes revolucionários do século XX. Depois da trilogia “Oceans”, Steven Soderbergh não resistiu ao fascínio da vida romanesca, aventurosa e apaixonante deste argentino sem pátria que continua sendo um mito para sucessivas gerações.

A história de Che retratada neste filme foi obviamente distorcida e romanceada, para se adequar aos seguidores do Culto Che Chic. Estes nada questionam sobre o seu herói,  não separam o homem do mito, e recusam-se mesmo a aceitar as evidências relatadas pelo próprio guerrilheiro: o ódio puro que sentia por quem tivesse um punhado de dólares, o deleite em assassinar a sangue frio qualquer opositor ou o prazer em supervisionar execuções de meros suspeitos.

“Comissão depuradora” deve ser mesmo um conceito estranho. Prisão La Cabaña? Não é Guantanamo, por isso o que interessa…

A ideologia totalitária, as políticas falhadas, a crueldade e o culto da morte são meros rumores certamente perpetuados pelos neo-liberais.

Na sessão de abertura do Fantasporto, muitos idiotas úteis estarão por lá, com as suas t-shirts de Che, boinas revolucionárias e os agora indispensáveis keffiyehs (graças ao marketing e ao capitalismo, mas isso é apenas um pormenor).

Tudo montado para prestar o culto a Guevara, que se ainda fosse vivo, não hesitaria sequer um segundo, em privar os seus seguidores dos seus pertences, propriedade privada, da liberdade de pensamento ou mesmo das suas vidas.

Leitura Anterior: Hollywood e Che Guevara

“Lured to Disaster”

Por Thomas Sowell:

Behind the housing boom and bust was one of those alluring but undefined phrases that are so popular in politics– “affordable housing.” It is hard for me to know specifically what politicians are talking about when they use this phrase. But then politics is about evoking emotions, not examining specifics. (…)
If you think it through, that is a policy for disaster. We cannot all go around buying whatever we want, whether or not we have enough money to afford it, and have somebody else make up the difference. For society as a whole, there is no somebody else. But of course political slogans are not meant to be thought through, are they? They are often an emotional substitute for thinking at all.
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Perseguição religiosa no Irão

Mais uma vez, membros da comunidade Baha’i iraniana foram vítimas de perseguição religiosa, tendo acabado presos:

Pelo menos seis Bahá’ís foram detidos ontem (15 de Janeiro) no Irão. As detenções ocorreram na sequência de rusgas a mais de uma dezena de residências de famílias Bahá’ís, nas quais foi foram confiscados computadores, fotos e diversos livros Baha’is. Entre os detidos encontra-se a Sra Jinous Sobhani, que trabalhou como assistente para a Organização de Defesa de Vitimas de Minas e para o Centro de Defesa dos Direitos Humanos, organizações fundadas por Shirin Ebadi.
Numa entrevista à CNN, a Sra Ebadi afirmou que Jinous Sobhani tinha sido dispensada das duas organizações após as rusgas que os agentes da autoridade efectuaram aos escritórios de Shirin Ebadi e terem encerrado os mesmos. “A detenção destas pessoas reflecte, não apenas a grave situação que os Baha’is enfrentam no Irão, mas também a situação geral dos direitos humanos naquele país”, afirmou Diane Ali, a representante da Comunidade Internacional Baha’i junto das Nações Unidas em Genebra. “Tanto quanto sabemos estas pessoas foram detidas, principalmente, por serem baha’is”.

Ler o resto, no Povo de Bahá.

O Ciclo da Violência num Cartoon

Michael Ramirez

Israel anuncia fim de ofensiva em Gaza 17/01/09
Gaza: cessar-fogo durou pouco (Ataques do Hamas levaram Israel a efectuar novo raid aéreo)
Hamas não respeitou a trégua declarada unilateralmente por Israel 18/01/09
Israel começa «retirada gradual» da Faixa de Gaza 18/01/09
Presidente iraniano felicita Hamas pela «vitória»19/01/09
Hamas recupera controlo da Cidade de Gaza 19/01/09, 10:17
Hamas promete rearmar-se19/01/09, 11:14
Israel: «Se Hamas lançar foguetes, será atacado de novo» 19/01/09, 11:39

Ciclo da Violência numa imagem


– Hamas and Hezbollah supporters return to Calgary’s Jewish neighbourhood:

Say, these anti-Semites are awfully clever. They were smart enough not to be white skinheads. Because they’re Muslims immigrants, they’re allowed to do what 150 white skinheads in a Jewish neighbourhood wouldn’t be allowed to do. They’re allowed to taunt and spit at Jews, and hurl shoes at Israel supporters, have placards with swastikas, and trespass with impunity. And they get their own tax-paid bodyguards — Calgary Police Service cops threatening any of their political foes with arrest.
Try doing any of that if you’re a white neo-Nazi with a shaved head.

As verdadeiras vozes do Hamas

Sim, há quem os leve a sério. Demasiado a sério.

Newsflash: Socialismo do Séc. XXI “namora” Chevron

chavezChávez reopens oil bids to West as prices plunge:

CARACAS: President Hugo Chávez, buffeted by falling oil prices that threaten to damage his efforts to establish a Socialist-inspired state, is quietly courting Western oil companies once again.

Until recently, Chávez had pushed foreign oil companies here into a corner by nationalizing their oil fields, raiding their offices with tax authorities and imposing a series of royalties increases.

But faced with the plunge in prices and a decline in domestic production, senior officials here have begun soliciting bids from some of the largest Western oil companies in recent weeks — including Chevron, Royal Dutch/Shell and Total of France — promising them access to some of the world’s largest petroleum reserves, according to energy executives and industry consultants here.

Global Warming Climate Change Ice Age will kill us all

Enquanto que no Reino Unido, se proíbe a venda de lâmpadas incandescentes de 100w e de  plasmas gigantes, por causa*:

a) do Aquecimento Global;

b) das Alterações Climáticas;

o anuncia que afinal estamos perto de uma nova Idade do Gelo:

The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large and compelling body of evidence from within the field of climate science. Many sources of data which provide our knowledge base of long-term climate change indicate that the warm, twelve thousand year-long Holocene period will rather soon be coming to an end, and then the earth will return to Ice Age conditions for the next 100,000 years.
Ice cores, ocean sediment cores, the geologic record, and studies of ancient plant and animal populations all demonstrate a regular cyclic pattern of Ice Age glacial maximums which each last about 100,000 years, separated by intervening warm interglacials, each lasting about 12,000 years.

* escolha a) ou b)

Desiludido com a mudança de Obama?

Change com Robert Gates.  Agora, Change com Tim Kaine:

“President-elect Obama has chosen anti choice, pro abstinence education, anti embryonic stem cell research, anti labor, anti union, anti same-sex marriage and anti civil union Tim Kaine to chair the DNC.”

Via Instapundit

Para os desiludidos (ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) com a mudança de Obama, os autocolantes Obama=Bush estão à venda aqui.change.


Grief Marks Anniversary of Triumph of Castro

The Necessity of Israel
por Charles Krauthammer*

The Art of the Impossible
por Thomas Sowell

*link corrigido

Global Warming Will Kill Us All!!!

Glenn McCoy

Nanny knows best!

Michael Ramirez


por Chuck Asay

A verdadeira mensagem do filme Dark Knight

Spoiler Alert!

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“satire go to hell”

Michael Ramirez

A ler: Grow a pair, Obama, por Michelle Malkin