Kay Coles James: new President of the Heritage Foundation

Uma excelente escolha: The Heritage Foundation Names Kay Coles James New President

Nation’s largest conservative think tank welcomes former Virginia health secretary and federal personnel director to lead research and policy organization

Feulner, The Heritage Foundation’s founder who returned to serve as president during the search process, will remain in an advisory role through January 2018 to assist with the transition. He will also resume his role as chairman of Heritage’s Asian Studies Center and Chung Ju-yung fellow.

“I’m thrilled that we have the good fortune that Kay Coles James is joining us as president of The Heritage Foundation,” said Feulner. “I am confident that under her leadership Heritage will remain committed to conservative principles and to expanding the conservative movement in a positive, inclusive way.”

A nonprofit, nonpartisan research and education institute, The Heritage Foundation is one of the nation’s premier think tanks. It is the most broadly supported think tank in the world, drawing support from more than 500,000 members.

Kay Coles James to lead Heritage Foundation

Richmond native Kay Coles James, a longtime mover and shaker in state and national Republican circles, has been named to lead the Heritage Foundation, an influential conservative think tank based in Washington.

Mrs. James, 68, becomes the first African-American and the first woman to lead the organization in its 44-year history. Her unanimous election as the foundation’s sixth president was announced Tuesday by Thomas A. Saunders, chairman of the board of trustees, which Mrs. James has served on since 2005.

Until recently, Mrs. James was spearheading the search committee to find a replacement for the foundation’s former president, Jim DeMint, a former U.S. senator from South Carolina and leader in the Tea Party movement who was removed from the post in May.

Mrs. James, a low-key but effective executive who served on President Trump’s transition team and in the GOP administrations of former President George W. Bush and former Virginia Gov. George Allen, is seen as bringing a steadying force to the think tank that has influenced conservative policy since the 1970s. She will start Jan. 1.


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