The abject failure of communism

Socialism still kills. Por Kishore Jayabalan.

Talk long enough to European conservatives and they will eventually remind you that the communists in the western and eastern parts of the Old Continent have never been held accountable for their crimes. Certainly nowhere near to the extent that Nazi party members were following World War II. This lack of accountability has meant that communism was never made completely disreputable on the political left, so some variant of communism/socialism was bound to re-surface, despite the insurmountable evidence of its human cost and abject failure.

I’ve often wondered why communists have never had to pay a price for their sins and grievous errors of moral judgment. Perhaps victorious liberal democrats were too eager for reconciliation after the Cold War, too forgiving to punish the malefactors. Or maybe these same liberal democrats didn’t believe they actually won the Cold War, rather than the other side simply failing on their own accord, due to some kind of unforced error. Liberals seemed to refrain from gloating over what they thought was an undeserved triumph. Did they ever really believe in the superiority of their beliefs to begin with?


2 thoughts on “The abject failure of communism

  1. Euro2cent

    Mas qual “falhanço abjecto”? Os aristocratas sem dinheiro tomaram o poder, e mantiveram-no durante décadas. Não falhou nada.

    Que tivessem usado os piores métodos de ladrões e bandidos vai ao sítio com uma dose generosa de vénias ao progresso da humanidade. Desde a revolução francesa que temos aí a intelectualidade a genuflectir a esse altar sangrento.

    (Regra no.1: os publicitários são uns exagerados.)

  2. A. R

    “Foi mal implementado”, “não era bem comunismo”, “houve desvios”, “foram boicotados pelo capitalismo”

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