Macron e a liberdade de circulação na UE

Acumulam-se cada vez mais sinais preocupantes para o futuro da UE: Macron plots free movement CRACKDOWN: French president on course for huge EU row

But the Swedish PM now has a particularly powerful ally in the form of Mr Macron, who has taken a surprisingly tough line on internal EU migration since his election in a bid to assuage supporters of Marine Le Pen.

The new Paris chief has railed against Polish haulage firms for undercutting French businesses and has vowed to put an end to cheap Eastern European labour which he says is dragging down people’s working conditions.

Eastern European leaders have been caught by surprise by the way Mr Macron, who was painted as the saviour of the EU during his election campaign, has aggressively attacked one of the bloc’s founding principles.


2 thoughts on “Macron e a liberdade de circulação na UE

  1. Macron apresentou-se sem programa concreto, é o candidato camaleão, fará o que lhe grangear popularidade.

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