Nancy MacLean e James Buchanan

MacLean on James Buchanan: Fake History for an Age of Fake News. Por David Gordon.

Nancy MacLean’s book was published only a short time ago, but already it has attracted considerable attention. She has uncovered, she tells us, a conspirator against the public interest. James M. Buchanan, the winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1986, was at the center of a nefarious campaign to reverse the needed social changes, supported by the vast majority of Americans, that followed the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v Board of Education in 1954. Buchanan devised a scheme to privatize Virginia’s schools, in order to maintain segregation. This failed, but Buchanan did not abandon his reactionary campaign. To the contrary, he continued throughout his long life his efforts to destroy popular programs like Social Security. He took time off from his Herculean labors to help shore up the Pinochet regime in Chile. Later, ensconced at George Mason University, he helped train other soldiers of reaction.

I have hesitated to review the book, because many writers have already exposed the most important of its numerous errors. Although MacLean is a well-known historian who teaches at Duke University and has garnered many honors in her career, she makes mistakes that would disgrace a tyro.


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