Steve Bannon sobre cristianismo e capitalismo

How Donald Trump’s chief strategist thinks about capitalism and Christianity

Soon after winning the election, President-elect Donald Trump created waves of controversy by naming Steve Bannon, his former campaign CEO, as chief strategist and Senior Counselor in the new administration.

Yet while Bannon’s harsh and opportunistic brand of political combat and questionable role as a catalyst for the alt-right are well-documented and rightly critiqued, his personal worldview is a bit more blurry. Much has been written of Bannon’s self-described “Leninist” political sensibilities and his quest to tear down the GOP establishment, but at the level of more detailed political philosophy (or theology), what does the man actually believe?

Offering a robust answer to that question, BuzzFeed recently unearthed a transcript from an extensive Skype interview Bannon gave to a conference held inside the Vatican in 2014. Though the topics range from ISIL to Russia to the racial tensions within the conservative movement, Bannon spends the bulk of his initial remarks on the intersection of economics and Christianity, offering what’s perhaps the most detailed insight to Bannon’s own thinking that I’ve found.

Given the growing mystery of the man and his newfound position of influence in the next administration, it’s well worth reviewing his views on the matter.


One thought on “Steve Bannon sobre cristianismo e capitalismo

  1. mariofig

    Existem alguns pontos interessantes na sua visão de capitalismo. Mas na verdade nunca foi por aí que Steve Bannon me pareceu uma figura política perigosa.

    O que realmente me afasta dele por completo é o seu teísmo. A sua ideologia é marcada pela relação perigosa que estabelece entre fé e capitalismo. Não quero nada disso. Até quero um capitalismo próximo do que ele descreve, mas tem de ser profundamente secular. Não me revejo portanto em nada do que ele defende e considero-o um homem tão perigoso como qualquer outro teísta político; um taliban cristão.

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