Life is too short

kafka2“If youngsters are being deterred from starting their own businesses then they are hardly to be blamed. Who wants to have to spend most of their time, effort and intellectual energy steering a path through a vast forest of regulations, directives and laws only to watch the taxman take a big, wet, juicy bite out of the little profit you have managed to earn. And, to top it all off, you then switch on the TV or open the morning newspaper only to be told that you are ‘the enemy of the people’. Contrast this with going for a job in the public sector which will give you a guaranteed income, a job for life and the steadfast loyalty and service of the political classes. It’s a no-brainer. Life is too short.”

4 pensamentos sobre “Life is too short

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  2. tina

    Brilhante! É incrível como em vez de facilitar a vida aos criadores de riqueza, estes ainda são castigados pelos próprios governos e pela UE.

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