As propostas da Grécia e as contrapropostas da “troika”

O WSJ apresenta um documento que diz ser a proposta grega rasurada pela “troika”.

4 pensamentos sobre “As propostas da Grécia e as contrapropostas da “troika”

  1. Miguel Alves

    No meu tempo de escola um teste com tanto vermelho nem precisava de ver a nota.. já sabia que vinha ai nega.

  2. tina

    Um comentário no Telegraph

    I have lived in Athens for 3 years now.
    Please do NOT believe the propaganda being put out that Greeks are destitute and have to tolerate excessive austerity. I can testify to the fact that life for your average Greek is FAR better than most other Europeans – certainly better than most UK/Spanish citizens.
    There is just no way to explain to people the sheer scale of theft by avoidance of taxation that occurs here in practically EVERY financial transaction. Good luck getting a receipt. Good luck in paying with a credit card. Good luck in avoiding paying an “envelope” to every public servant that you have dealings with. The public Service is HUGE and bloated. Easily each position is duplicated or triplicated (is that a word?). Many times they take turns leaving their offices for months at a time – swapping responsibilty for manning the offices between them.

    What the leftist papers do NOT tell you.
    There is absolutely no form of a Property register here in Greece. There is therefore NO LINK between real estate owned by someone and a taxpayer’s details. There are literally hundreds of thousands of properties which produce a rental income of some kind, but this income is NEVER declared to tax authorities. Nearly all tax collection officers are corrupt. if you have the misfortune to be audited, then for a sum of around 20% of the oustanding tax the official will massively write down the amount owed. The net effect is that the state gets screwed every time.
    What is even more astounding is the manner in which rich Greeks have jumped on the bandwagon and actively avoid paying taxes. They are also quick to jump on the bandwagon to ask (and receive) discounted electricity. They claim poverty. Cheating the system is a national sport – only surpassed by that other sport of blaming everyone else for their travails. They have NO Shame – and in this regard I quite agree with tax hikes advocated by Tsipras.
    But what the poor delusional dear does not seem to get is that you just cannot collect higher taxes if the tax collection mechanism is flawed.
    In short – Greeks ultimately want the status quo to continue – albeit at other Europeans’ cost. After all, they are “Entitled” to it.

  3. Alexandre Carvalho da Silveira

    O que é que está em causa nesta novela Troika-Syrisa que já dura há cinco meses? tanto quanto julgo perceber, está em causa a renegociação do encerramento do 2º resgate, que implicaria a entrega de 7,2 mil milhões de euros.
    E depois? bem, depois se a Grécia fizesse o mesmo que a Irlanda e Portugal fizeram, estaria entregue a ela própria em matéria de financiamento. Na minha modesta opinião, a troika devia aceitar uma situação que permitisse toda a gente sair com boa cara disto tudo, e depois, amigos como dantes: a partir de agora quando a Grécia precisar de dinheiro, vá aos mercados, a Moscovo ou aonde lhe quiserem emprestar. Mas deixe-nos a todos em paz.
    Porque quando se acabar o dinheiro, o Tsipras e cª hão-de ir fazer o pão caro para outro lado.

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