O socialismo volta a funcionar


E bem, na Venezuela.

Venezuela Is On the Brink of Collapse por Tom Rogan.

(…)The problem is that Chávez, Maduro, and company have only ever wanted personal power. They see themselves as reincarnations of Simón Bolívar. But where Bolívar opposed the tyranny of the Spanish empire, Maduro opposes the “tyranny” of free enterprise.

The Chávistas have always been crackpots, but, until recently, high oil prices enabled them to paper over their failings. No longer. Plummeting oil prices have eviscerated government budgets. In response, Maduro is doubling down on insanity. Contemplate the comrade’s magnificent crisis plan: Rather than accepting that shortages in goods are caused by his price controls and collapsed currency, Maduro blames hoarders and foreign conspirators (a favorite regime scapegoat), while he restricts shopping days. Rather than recognizing that his neglect means that medical professionals can’t replace their tools, Maduro blames greed. Rather than admitting that Mad Max criminality contributes to police corruption and low morale, Maduro rants about the ills of “individualism” and “consumerism.” Rather than tolerating scrutiny, Maduro attacks freedom of the press. Rather than pursuing dialogue with the political opponents, Maduro imprisons them and cuddles North Korea.

As I say, Chávezville is an asylum. (…)

3 pensamentos sobre “O socialismo volta a funcionar

  1. Francisco

    A américa do Sul ficou contaminada pelo pensamento cubano sem se aperceberem da desgraça que lá se vive. Eu trabalhei 10 dias em Cuba e sei como vivem da musica…
    Qual é o país da América do Sul com futuro com esperança?

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