Vergonha em tons multiculturais III

A number of the men appeared in court today and will appear again in two weeks. The investiagation, which began when two women came forwards to police with complaints about their mistreatment has now charged a total of 31 men. The force is now investigating the cases of 12 women, some of whom are only 13 years old.

Vale a pena ler o artigo de James Delingpole, Rotherham where some cultures are more equal than others.

(…)Problem is, as all those poor young girls with their hideously blighted lives have discovered, if you belong to a victim group that doesn’t fit into the left’s fashionable narrative then you don’t count as a victim at all.

This is why, as both the Casey report and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles noted in evident disgust, Rotherham Council has been so continually reluctant to admit that it has done anything wrong. It’s also why South Yorkshire Police have failed to show any real contrition. It’s why the left-liberal media remains so determined to play the issue down. And it’s why what ought to be a national scandal yet remains so ill-understood that when, a few months ago I raised it on a BBC youth debate programme called Free Speech, my fellow panelists and almost the entire audience shouted me down as a liar.

Our politically correct culture made this problem. Our politically correct culture is too well indoctrinated to be capable of fixing it. (…)

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