Putin excepcional IV

Quando a Rússia parece ser incapaz de combater o terrorismo islâmico, ganham inesperada actualidade algumas questões levantadas em finais de Agosto deste ano no Zero Hedge, das quais destaco:

 Bandar told Putin, “There are many common values ??and goals that bring us together, most notably the fight against terrorism and extremism all over the world. Russia, the US, the EU and the Saudis agree on promoting and consolidating international peace and security. The terrorist threat is growing in light of the phenomena spawned by the Arab Spring. We have lost some regimes. And what we got in return were terrorist experiences, as evidenced by the experience of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the extremist groups in Libya. … As an example, I can give you a guarantee to protect the Winter Olympics in the city of Sochi on the Black Sea next year. The Chechen groups that threaten the security of the games are controlled by us, and they will not move in the Syrian territory’s direction without coordinating with us. These groups do not scare us. We use them in the face of the Syrian regime but they will have no role or influence in Syria’s political future.” It is good of the Saudis to admit they control a terrorist organization that “threatens the security” of the Sochi 2014 Olympic games, and that house of Saud uses “in the face of the Syrian regime.” Perhaps the next time there is a bombing in Boston by some Chechen-related terrorists, someone can inquire Saudi Arabia what, if anything, they knew about that.  But the piece de resistance is what happened at the end of the dialogue between the two leaders. It was, in not so many words, a threat by Saudi Arabia aimed squarely at Russia:  As soon as Putin finished his speech, Prince Bandar warned that in light of the course of the talks, things were likely to intensify, especially in the Syrian arena, although he appreciated the Russians’ understanding of Saudi Arabia’s position on Egypt and their readiness to support the Egyptian army despite their fears for Egypt’s future.   The head of the Saudi intelligence services said that the dispute over the approach to the Syrian issue leads to the conclusion that “there is no escape from the military option, because it is the only currently available choice given that the political settlement ended in stalemate. We believe that the Geneva II Conference will be very difficult in light of this raging situation.”   At the end of the meeting, the Russian and Saudi sides agreed to continue talks, provided that the current meeting remained under wraps. This was before one of the two sides leaked it via the Russian press. Since we know all about this, it means no more talks, an implicit warning that the Chechens operating in proximity to Sochi may just become a loose cannon (with Saudi’s blessing of course), and that about a month ago “there is no escape from the military option, because it is the only currently available choice given that the political settlement ended in stalemate.” Four weeks later, we are on the edge of all out war, which may involve not only the US and Europe, but most certainly Saudi Arabia and Russia which automatically means China as well. Or, as some may call it, the world.

Antecipando-me aos adeptos das habituais teorias conspirativas, deixo várias opções como resposta à pergunta: quem é o responsável pelos atentados?

1-Marat  Izmaylov; 2-Vladimir Putin; 3-O renovado KGB; 4-O imperialismo russo e a alta finança aliada da indústria de armamento; 5-Boris Ieltsin; 6-A Igreja Ortodoxa Russa; 7-Czar Nicolau II.

Leitura complementar: Putin excepcional III.


4 thoughts on “Putin excepcional IV

  1. PT

    8- RasPutin 🙂
    Nunca ninguém achou estranho a similariedade do nome do actual czar com o do monge diabólico?

  2. Francisco Miguel Colaço

    A Arábia Saudita necessita de uma guerra na Síria para subir o preço do petróleo. Todas as guerras em países islâmicos são feitas para manter o preço do petróleo em cima, à nossa custa.

    Sei ter uma opinião ingrata, mas mil vezes o Putin ao Obama. A democracia na Rússia não é perfeita, mas é a melhor que tiveram em toda a sua história, e melhora de dia para dia. As democracias ocidentais ainda não são ditaduras de bananas, mas são as piores dos últimos tempos, e estão claramente a piorar.

    Mil vezes a um passo do inferno em direcção ao céu, do que a um passo do céu em direcção ao inferno.

  3. Francisco Miguel Colaço


    «put» dignifica «caminho ou trilha» e «puti» «caminhos» em russo. Putin seria provavelmente o plural em russo antigo. Se quer fazer alguma analogia, eis por onde pode começar.

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