O Papa Francisco e a economia

No socialist: Pope Francis matters to the City of London. Por Philip Booth.

It is likely, though, that the new pope will be more interested in preaching the gospel than talking about economics. He also has a full in-tray when it comes to matters of Vatican governance. Pope Francis may, therefore, be reluctant to spend much time developing new thinking on economic matters.

However, this is a double-edged sword. Pope Benedict was of the same view and, when the former pope did communicate his thinking about social and economic matters, he had profound and original things to say that transcended secular debates. But, if the pope is silent, the Justice and Peace Commission tends to speak up. This is a Church body that called for a worldwide bailout fund for megabanks, and that keeps talking about widening inequality at a time when the world’s poor are getting better off at a rate never seen before – largely due to globalisation.

But proper reform of the Curia might mean proper reform of the Justice and Peace Commission: and that would be a relief.


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