They have a cunning plan

No Palestinian Times (um jornal ligado ao Hamas) citado pelo Elder o Zyon

Security sources belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip disclosed that the “Karkal” Israeli unit – predominantly female – intensified its work on the eastern border of the Gaza in order to blackmail the Palestinians.(…)

This cooperation with the predominantly female Desert Cats are a means of attracting young people and citizens to entice them sexually, where the girls intentionally show parts of their bodies and do things that are not moral in order to excite young people and get them to collaborate. The collaboration process with security devices of the enemy on the border works two ways, either by giving young people the phone numbers to contact them or invite them to cross-border entry and trap them after extortion.


5 thoughts on “They have a cunning plan

  1. mggomes

    É altura de resgatar dos arquivos a velha anedota e adaptá-la às novas circunstâncias:

    Q.: What’s the difference between a magician and the IDF’s Elite Female Stripper Death Squads?
    A: The magician displays a cunning array of stunts.

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