Respeito pela Propriedade Privada?

Delaware teve (pelo menos em 2010) esta prática como o 3º item do orçamento estadual. O que é que isso vos diz sobre a mentalidade de quem fez o orçamento?

6 pensamentos sobre “Respeito pela Propriedade Privada?

  1. Jaques Towakí

    Ricardo, you’ve broken my heart about the nation that once stood for property rights…nem consigo exprimir a profunda desilusão em português,,,,

  2. lucklucky

    O Grande Deastre Americano só agora está a começar. Mais estas para aperitivo:

    A political-science course at Indiana’s Butler University is asking students to discard the mindset of “American-ness,” and “maleness” alone with “whiteness,” “heterosexuality,” and “middle-class status.” The syllabus for Butler’s course in Political Science 201, taught by Professor Robin Turner, indicates that students are expected to use “inclusive language” that affirms “racial and ethnic background, stages of maturity, and degrees of limiting conditions.” According to the syllabus, the use of such language is a “fundamental issue of social justice.”

    A construction crew working on the campus of Ohio’s Sinclair Community College was forced to halt work until it removed a “Men Working” sign that was deemed “sexist” by a college administrator. A spokesman for the college told National Review Online that the incident, which occurred on November 21, stemmed from the school’s “deep commitment to diversity,” and that it takes that commitment “very seriously.”
    In the wake of the incident, the school acknowledged its request may have been over the top, but stood by its commitment to diversity, saying in a statement that, “while it may not have been necessary to suggest that work be stopped, Sinclair stands by its commitment to providing an environment that is inclusive and non-discriminatory.”

  3. Joaquim Amado Lopes

    Cada vez menos “land of the free and home of the brave” e cada vez mais “governed by the imbecils”.

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