Não havia necessidade…

St. Lucie County, Florida Had 141.1% Turnout; Obama Won County.

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  1. joao

    “No. You’re confused. In St Lucie Co, as in other Florida counties, there was a two-card ballot. The image captured in the story shows the number of cards cast, not the number of ballots case. The latter is half the former.

    The captured image is from page two of the “Statement of Votes Case” dated 7 Nov 2012, 1:39AM. (Go to http://www.slcelections.com.) On page 3 of the same document, the total number of votes is given. It’s 123,591, which is 70.4% of registered voters. I repeat, the same document the writer cites explicitly states that the total number of votes cast was 123,591, NOT 247,713.

    Continuing on the same document, we see that Romney got 56,125 votes (45.5%) and Obama got 66,246 (53.6%). Minor party and write-in candidates got 1,220 votes.

    The alacrity with which the writer, and most commenters, latched onto this bogus story should give you all pause. A few moments’ reflection, a more careful reading of the Statement of Votes Cast, or, failing that, a quick phone call to Florida, could have saved you the embarrassment of going off half-cocked. It’s a bad thing to be so desperate to believe our elections are fraudulent & our elected leaders lack democratic legitimacy that you’ll grasp at, and propagate, inane nonsense such as this.

    Do better.”

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