Suiça, o anti-Führer state

No seguimento de A Suíça e o fim da zona euro (O Insurgente):Nazi attitudes towards Switzerland (Wikipedia):

In a conversation held with Fascist Italy’s leader Benito Mussolini and Galeazzo Ciano (the Foreign Minister of Italy) in June 1941 Hitler stated his opinion on Switzerland quite plainly:

“Switzerland possessed the most disgusting and miserable people and political system. The Swiss were the mortal enemies of the new Germany.”

In a later discussion the German Foreign Minister Joachim von Ribbentrop directly alluded to the possibility of carving up Switzerland between the two Axis powers:

“On the Duce’s query whether Switzerland, as a true anachronism, had any future, the Reich Foreign Minister smiled and told the Duce that he would have to discuss this with the Führer.”

In August 1942 Hitler further described Switzerland as “a pimple on the face of Europe” and as a state that no longer had a right to exist, denouncing the Swiss people as “a misbegotten branch of our Volk.” Switzerland as a small, multilingual, decentralized democracy was from a National Socialist viewpoint a total antithesis of the racially homogeneous and collectivized “Führer State”. Hitler also believed that the independent Swiss state had come to existence due to the temporary weakness of the Holy Roman Empire, and now that its power had been re-established after the National Socialist takeover, the country had become obsolete.

5 pensamentos sobre “Suiça, o anti-Führer state

  1. paam

    O Führer não gostou nada quando os suiços abateram vários aviões alemães, que violaram repetidas vezes o seu espaço aéreo, durante o bombardeamento da França com… equipamento alemão previamente comprado à Alemanhã ou construido na Suiça mas com patente alemã.

  2. Jaques Towakí


    A Suiça não é a Suiça por ser a Suiça–são os suiços que fazem a Suiça! Quando os portugueses decidirem ser como os suiços, teremos uma Suiça em Portugal…pelo menos é o que me parece…

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