Aversão ao risco (3)

Mais uma evidência que as empresas estão a reduzir a sua exposição ao euro. Desta vez é a (tristemente) conhecida AIG.

A quarterly filing by the insurer in the US shows that the firm is working to slash its exposure to both European sovereign debt and the eurozone’s banks, a further indication that companies are losing confidence in the single currency,

Between December 31 last year and June 30, the company reduced its holdings of German, French and Spanish government debt.

Its reduction in exposure to German sovereign debt was the most marked, falling 16pc over six months, from $1.85bn (£1.2bn) to $1.37bn, indicating that Europe’s largest economy is not insulated from the capital flight gripping the eurozone’s southern and heavily indebted members.

The company has also reduced its holdings in German, French, Spanish and Italian banks, the quarterly filing of its investments shows.

By contrast, AIG’s holdings of UK government debt have more than doubled, from $1.6bn at the end of last year to $3.4bn in June, as it seeks a safe haven outside the single currency zone.

Um pensamento sobre “Aversão ao risco (3)

  1. Paulo Pereira

    Mas, mas, mas, o deficit do RU é enorme !! O que se passa ?

    Onde anda os bonds vigilantes ?

    Será que o Reagan tinha razão ?

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