Sobre o aborto pós-natal

Article Advocating ‘After-Birth Abortion’ Mugs Liberals with Reality.

Most pro-abortion people are not horrible human beings.  Instead, they have been conditioned to believe that “a woman’s right to choose” is a moral end in itself, and one that trumps all other considerations.  To sustain this belief system, they must buy into the little deceptions that feed the Big Lie about a fetus’s lack of humanity.  None of these people, however, can pretend that a living, breathing baby, even one with a birth defect, is not a human.  Reading an article that advocates a living child’s death horrifies them.  The further realization that the article repeats the same tropes that underlie their pro-abortion views is a sledgehammer shattering the cognitive dissonance behind which they hide.

Despite the ugliness of this post-birth abortion article, many pro-abortion people will continue down their current path.  They’ll castigate the article for being evil, either on its own terms or as a malevolent pro-life plant, but they’ll still say that women must have the right to terminate a pregnancy if they know that they (or society) cannot manage the costs or inconvenience an infant will cause.  If challenged, they’ll have left only non sequiturs about “the right to choose” and “government off my uterus.”

What makes the article valuable is that other people, more thoughtful people, people who have been affected by seeing sonograms of their own baby or their little niece or nephew, will find unsustainable the cognitive dissonance that the article creates.  They will no longer be able to pretend that the fetus isn’t deserving of life because it doesn’t have an existential sense.  They will understand that, if one accepts the article’s logic, one has opened an easy pathway to killing any people who arguably lack self-awareness.  It’s a death knell for those with head injuries, advanced brain tumors, serious stroke deficits, Alzheimer’s, etc.  The next step is to look at an entire group of people and conclude that, by virtue of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, etc., that group lacks personhood and doesn’t deserve to live either.

Whether Francesca Minerva and Alberto Giubilini are the genuine moral monsters they appear to be or are skillful counter-propagandists, they have done the world a valuable service by focusing on the reality behind abortion’s culture of death.  It’s not about “a woman’s right to choose.”  It is, as they explicitly state, about whether a human deserves to live.

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