O que liga o regime sírio e a embaixada norte-americana em Damasco

Há muito tempo e demasiada gente que usa e compara a praça Tahir com qualquer coisa que junte algo mais que duas equipas de futebol e que tenha um vago  propósito progressista, que lute de forma gloriosa contra o pessimismo  e a realidade esmagadora. Ultimamente, a ocupação de Wall Street não foge por muito a este destino. Por motivos diferentes, as autoridades responsáveis por três mil mortos em apenas sete meses, usam o circo montado no outro lado do mundo  para justificarem as suas nobres acções. Vale a pena ler a resposta da Embaixada norte-americana em Damasco.

“For sure there is a lot of unhappiness in America about the economic situation,” the embassy wrote. “Unemployment is relatively high — 9%. Housing prices keep falling, hurting more families. There is much debate between the two main American political parties about how to fix the U.S. economy. We don’t know exactly what will happen next.”

The message then added, “What we do know is:” and followed up with a long list of differences between the United States and Syria.

Elections next November won’t be controlled by U.S. intelligence, but by an independent election authority, the message noted, adding that Occupy Wall Street organizers are entirely free to run as candidates or organize to support candidates.

“Occupy Wall Street groups will not be allowed to destroy public or private property, but they can organize more protests in other cities and they can say whatever they want about the U.S. government without being arrested or shot; the police will not shoot thousands of protesters; some Occupy Wall Street organizers have been arrested for disturbing public order (blocking traffic) but they won’t be tortured, and no family will receive the body of a protester bearing torture marks,” the embassy’s message said.

International media and non-government organizations are watching “without interference from the government,” it added.

Finally, the message noted, “the U.S. government may complain that some countries’ currency policies are hurting the U.S. economy, but the U.S. government will not tell the world that there is a vague foreign conspiracy for which it lacks any specifics or evidence but that it says is encouraging the Occupy Wall Street or other protest movements.”

Um pensamento sobre “O que liga o regime sírio e a embaixada norte-americana em Damasco

  1. lucklucky

    Se fosse George W.Bush seria notícia em todos os jornais.
    Como é Obama não é…


    Two days ago President Obama authorized the deployment to Uganda of approximately 100 combat-equipped U.S. forces to help regional forces “remove from the battlefield” – meaning capture or kill – Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and senior leaders of the LRA.
    The forces will deploy beginning with a small group and grow over the next month to 100. They will ultimately go to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with the permission of those countries.(…)

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