Um apelo simples (2)

“Is Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, a credible presidential candidate? His opponents plainly think so (…) Mr. Perry will fight on jobs. His campaign flaunts a startling statistic: that 40% of the new net jobs created in America since June 2009 are in Texas. In an August report, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas actually put it a bit higher. Texas, said the bank, created 261,700 jobs between June 2009 and June 2011; America’s net jobs gain was 524,000. Those figures give Texas 49,9% of the nation’s net job creation (…) The much vaunted Texas miracle cannot be easily replicated. Oil and gas are important to the Texas economy, though by no means dominant. The Dallas Fed reckons that a 10% rise in the price of oil adds about half a percentage point to the state’s GDP. Since June 2010, according to the Texas Petroleum Institute, the oil and gas industry has added about 28,000 jobs (…) Mr. Perry recites a four point recipe for economic stewardship: low taxes, fair and predictable regulation, tort reform and don’t spend all the money”. na Economist de 20/08 (página 34, “Reading the record”).

6 pensamentos sobre “Um apelo simples (2)

  1. lucklucky

    Sim o desemprego é maior em % do que dois outros estados porque há cada vez mais pessoas a emigrarem para o Texas na expectativa de arranjarem emprego. Curiosamente Vasco para o Washington Post as duas coisas são más…

    “My advice to anti-Perry advocates is this: Give up talking about Texas jobs. Texas is an incredible outlier among the states when it comes to jobs. Not only are they creating them, they’re creating ones with higher wages.

    One can argue that Perry had very little to do with the job situation in Texas, but such a person should be probably prepare themselves for the consequences of that line of reasoning. If Rick Perry had nothing to do with creating jobs in Texas, than why does Obama have something to do with creating jobs anywhere? And why would someone advocate any sort of “job creating” policies if policies don’t seem to matter when it comes to the decade long governor of Texas? In short, it seems to me that this line of reasoning, in addition to sounding desperate and partisan, hogties its adherents into a position where they are simultaneously saying that government doesn’t create jobs while arguing for a set of policies where government will create jobs.”

  2. PMP

    A melhor maneiro de criar empregos segunda a “cartilha” neotonta é facilitar as importações e a deslocalização de empresas para a Ásia !

  3. vasco

    “In the past two years, according to the Austin American-Statesman, almost half of the state’s job growth came in the education, health care, and government sectors. Notice a pattern? These are all sectors that depend, at least in part, on government support. And Perry has taken full advantage of public spending—he managed to fill in Texas’ previous budget shortfall by taking $6.4 billion in Obama stimulus money, more than all but two governors. But that’s all coming to a close: After facing a projected $27 billion deficit for 2012-2013, and with no further stimulus in sight, Perry and Republicans in Austin resorted to sweeping cuts to Medicaid and education in their most recent budget. Not only could that hurt a state where one-quarter of residents are uninsured; it also doesn’t bode well for jobs.”

  4. ricardo saramago

    Toda agente bem pensante sabe que para criar emprego e crescimento económico o Estado tem que pagar os prejuizos acumulados de bancos e empresas, aumentar os impostos,emitir moeda com fartura, gastar fortunas em “investimentos” ruinosos,subsidiar produções sem rentabilidade, criar mais leis,departamentos e fiscais para infernizar a vida das empresas.
    Por outras palavras – neoliberalismo.

  5. PMP

    Diminuir impostos sobre as empresas não implica, muito pelo contrário, defender o neoliberalismo.
    Os neoliberais – neotontos defendem é a baixa dos salários, o aumento da idade da reforma, a eliminação de um serviço universal de saúde e de educação.
    Os neotontos nunca entenderão que o aumento da riqueza é conseguido por uma aumento dos salários, da produção e do consumo, e não pela sua diminuição/redução.
    Os neotontos não sabem fazer contas, só sabem debitar lengalengas que lêm de forma acritica.

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