To whom it may concern

Dear American citizens,

It has come to my attention that your President has tried to reassure you regarding the impending debt limit problem, by claiming that your current difficulties are not as serious as those of Greece or Portugal. That may be the case, although the veracity of the statement may depend on the definition of “serious”.

However, it may interest you to know that when the crisis blew up in Greece and people in Portugal started to worry it could spread here, our (then) prime minister, Mr Sócrates, said rather self-righteously that, and I quote, «Portugal is not Greece!»

I believe therefore that you should beware of the also self-righteous «We’re not Greece. We’re not Portugal.» which President Obama has recently uttered. It’s not a good sign, I tell you…

4 pensamentos sobre “To whom it may concern

  1. Euro2cent

    Não vale a pena, são surdos.

    Ou, pelo menos, não ligam muito a cafres. Hrm, quero dizer, “locals” (os nativos de locais fora das fronteiras dos Estados Unidos).

  2. JS

    Já há lá muito boa gente que topou o MKIISócrates que lhes saiu na rifa.

    #1 €0.02 – Nos Estados Unidos (da América) usam o termo ROW: Rest Of the World!., com um sorriso condescendente. ;-:

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