Troll Catalogue

Troll Catalogue pela Lucy Pepper:

Harder to ignore are the trolls. Spend more than a little time on anywhere but the froufrouest twee-est sweetest sites and you’re going to come across a troll from time to time. Generally, trolls aren’t AS stupid as the stupids. They have other problems. They are bitter and sad little people. They look for the weaknesses of others and try hard to undermine them for their own entertainment and, I imagine, the entertainment of other trolls, though they are probably just as afraid of other trolls as they are of reasonable people, daylight and women. Trolls can be found everywhere, all over the world, but they come from a small base of archetypes, archetypes that I am going to catalogue right here, because I’m sick of the snivelling little sods and this is CATHARTIC, DAMMIT!

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