Porque saber fazer dinheiro é uma virtude:

THANK YOU. After an incredible opening weekend, it would appear it’s time to expand. In only 300 theaters, Atlas Shrugged made 1.67 million dollars averaging $5,590 – 3rd only to Rio and Scream 4 in averages. Atlas Shrugged Movie = Free Market Working. Spread the word. This is our moment. Here we come.

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    from sdesapio
    date Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 3:44 PM
    subject Re: Re: ATLAS SHRUGGED: New theaters announced

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    Thank you for your interest. Please check back to us around June 1, 2011 and we’ll have more information about our plans outside of the USA.

    In the meantime, please make sure to sign up for our newsletter [] and head on over to our get Involved [] page to lend a hand in getting the word out.

    Remember, Atlas Shrugged is an independent film, being distributed independently. The mountains we have to move are HUGE. Every tweet and facebook “like” helps in raising awareness.

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