Segredo de estado

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit against the state after it refused to release the construction plans for a barn used to store road salt, on the basis that doing so would be a security risk.


Chiaffarano filed an OPRA request for the state’s building plans, but was denied her request as the state cited a 2002 executive order by Gov. James McGreevey.

The order, issued in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, allows the state to decline the release of public records that would compromise the state’s ability to “protect and defend the state and its citizens against acts of sabotage or terrorism.”

Lisa Ryan, spokeswoman for the Department of Community Affairs, declined to comment on the pending lawsuit.

(via Bruce Schneier)

3 pensamentos sobre “Segredo de estado

  1. Rxc

    Ainda bem que a administração Obama está na Casa Branca há quase 2 anos! Tudo isso já mudou certo? [inserir olhar esgazeado de fervor messiânico em relação à presente presidência americana]

  2. jose carlos

    A ACLU é a organização mais esquerdista, racista ( contra o branco ) e anti-sistema-capitalista ou democracia liberal que existe nos EUA. A sua agenda é largamente conhecida.E os seus métodos também.

  3. Joao Pinto

    Na Fox News…BILL O’REILLY, HOST: We continue now with “Is It Legal?” In Tennessee, the ACLU has sent a letter to 137 school superintendents warning them not to emphasize Christmas this year:

    “We believe that holiday celebrations that focus primarily on one religious holiday can result in indoctrination, as well as a sense within the students who do not share that religion of being outsiders to the school.”

    As usual, the ACLU does not acknowledge Christmas as a federal holiday mandated by Congress, signed into law by U.S. Grant.

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