Perspectivas sombrias (3)

Financial Times

[Portugal] was (…) forced to pay extremely high yields to sell five-year bonds as investors demanded big premiums amid the continuing worries over high debt levels in the eurozone.

It was forced to pay average yields of 4.657 per cent, almost 1 percentage point more than the 3.701 per cent paid at an auction at the end of May.

Steven Major, global head of fixed income research at HSBC, said: “These yields are approaching that magic number of 5 per cent that is likely to be charged by the European stability fund.

“If the yields keep going up at this rate, then they will be paying much more than 5 per cent next month, which is arguably unsustainable.”

Another banker agreed: “These yields are not sustainable. Portugal will have to access the emergency stability fund if they continue to rise at this rate.”

3 pensamentos sobre “Perspectivas sombrias (3)

  1. andreCRUZZZ

    a duvida agora é s o governo conseguirá adiar a chegada d fmi até ao final d verão.. malvados mercados..eles andem aí

  2. ricardo saramago

    Até o Zapatero já percebeu o que o nosso engº não quer perceber.
    Não adianta esconder o problema debaixo do tapete, vale mais enfrentar a situação tal como ela é e tentar salvar o que ainda pode ser salvo.

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