O novo anti-semitismo

Shmuel Rosner entrevista por escrito Robert Solomon Wistrich, autor de “Lethal Obsession”, em que este explica o que é o novo anti-semitismo:

The “new” anti-Semitism is a somewhat unsatisfactory term often used to denote extreme hostility to Israel – a hatred which aims to demonize its actions, defame its character and delegitimize its existence. In fact, there is no clear or neatdividing-line between “old” and “new” anti-Semitism beyond the greater focus today on the negation of Israel’s right to exist and the fact that contemporary anti-Semites more frequently tend to be Muslim rather than Christian or that they come from the Left as much as they do from the Right. The “new” anti-Semitism often claims to be no more than justified “criticism” of Israel’s policies. There are, however, a number of ways to test this. The “critics” will usually be covert or overt anti-Semites if they engage in any of the following manoeuvres:

a.) They will blame Israel for all the problems of the Middle East and of the contemporary world from the financial crash to global terrorism.

b.) They ignore virtually all infringements of human rights around the globe except for those allegedly perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians. Naturally Palestinian Jihadism and terror is downplayed.

c.) They firmly believe or assume that there is a Jewish/Israeli Lobby which controls American foreign policy or manipulates the West – especially against the Islamic world and the Palestinians.

d.) They systematically turn Israelis into “Nazis” and Palestinians into “Jews.”

e.) They apply classic antisemitic myths and stereotypes about Jewish greed, rapacity, cruelty, exploitation, bloodthirsty vengefulness and “racial” superiority to the behavior of the Jewish State. The result is to portray Israel as a fusion of Samson, Joshua and Shylock.

2 pensamentos sobre “O novo anti-semitismo

  1. lucklucky

    Este anti-semitismo sempre existiu. A diferença é que ocorreu uma aliança com a esquerda anti civilização ocidental, logo passou a ter muito mais presença em todo o lado, desde o jornal Publico ao The Guardian.

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