Reacções ao Nobel da Economia

Lynne Kiesling: “Few other economists have influenced my thinking as much as Ostrom and Williamson. Congratulations!”

Peter Klein: “As Williamson’s PhD student, I’m thrilled beyond belief. The O&M crew are all heavily influenced by Williamson (and, to a lesser degree, Ostrom too) and will have much more to say about this in the coming days. But, for now, just enjoy!”

Alex Tabarrok:Elinor Ostrom may arguable be considered the mother of field work in development economics. She has worked closely investigating water associations in Los Angeles, police departments in Indiana, and irrigation systems in Nepal. In each of these cases her work has explored how between the atomized individual and the heavy-hand of government there is a range of voluntary, collective associations that over time can evolve efficient and equitable rules for the use of common resources.

Don Boudreaux: “Apart from issuing my now-annual October lament that Armen Alchian and Gordon Tullock still do not have Nobel Prizes, I applaud this year’s selection of Elinor Ostrom and Oliver Williamson. Williamson’s 1985 book The Economic Institutions of Capitalism remains a classic that repays careful study, even in 2009. And Ostrom’s work on how people often solve public-goods problems voluntarily is too often overlooked — until today, that is!”

ADENDA: Mais um post de Alex Tabarrok e a Arnold Kling.

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