Rose Friedman 1911 – 2009

Faleceu Rose Friedman, economista e viúva de Milton Friedman:

The couple’s 1980 book, ‘‘Free to Choose,’’ demonstrated how the government can undermine economic prosperity and concluded inflation can be produced only by rapid growth in the money supply. In a 2003 speech, Ben S. Bernanke, now chairman of the Federal Reserve, said ‘‘one can hardly overstate’’ the couple’s influence on policy. Their efforts played a role in decisions that ranged from severing the dollar’s peg to gold in the 1970s to ending the military draft, according to economic historian and Carnegie Mellon University professor Allan H. Meltzer. They conceived or improved upon numerous ideas that remain central to public-policy debates, including using vouchers to help parents select the schools their children attend, legalizing drugs and privatizing Social Security.

Rose Friedman em Two Lucky People: Memoirs:

Our central theme in public advocacy has been the promotion of human freedom….it underlies our opposition to rent control and general wage and price controls, our support for educational choice, privatizing radio and television channels, an all-volunteer army, limitation of government spending, legalization of drugs, privatizing Social Security, free trade, and the deregulation of industry and private life to the fullest extent possible.

2 pensamentos sobre “Rose Friedman 1911 – 2009

  1. Jose Simoes

    Só nunca percebi porque não defenderam a a nacionalização do governo ou, melhor, a sua abolição.

    Vouchers e ensino livre? Acho que vou criar uma Universidade que devolve metade do valor do Voucher à família e manda os alunos estudar…nas bibliotecas…o que quiserem…e voltem daí a 3 ou 5 anos para receberem o diploma desejado (licenciatura/mestrado) de acordo com Bolonha.

    José Simões

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