Obama vs. Lula

Obama’s talking progressive policies, Lula is talking about free trade and business.

Question in Portuguese on dangers of protectionism and will the US purchase Brazilian goods.
Obama: Will have cabinet member check on that. “The US needs to recognize the dangers of a trade war. It’s important to understand that US businesses will benefit from our exports… Our goal is to at least not go backwards. The “Buy American” provision will not violate WTO rules. It may be difficult to finalize a host of trade deals in a crisis like this…I’m optimistic we’ll find a way. Job growth, income growth, won’t build a fence across countries.”
Lula: “Why didn’t we manage to close the [free trade] deal if there was a minor issue in the way? I believe it was because there was an election that got in the way. Europe and the US almost managed to get market access, but two issues, 1 in India and one in the US, got in the way. Now on the crisis, we might be able to relieve the developing world in this crisis. The US and Brazil trade $53 billion… it is clear, for the size of the 2 countries we don’t have much trade flow. What is the problem? What happens each country wants to sell, and foreign trade is a two-way street, and we need to strengthen this idea because protectionism will aggravate the economic crisis…. This is much more than a practical issue. I hope the US and Brazil can mature their thinking ahead of the G20 so we can present a joint solution. I’m very optimistic.”


The impression is that Lula is the pro and Obama the amateur.

(agradeço ao leitor lucklucky a indicação do link)


One thought on “Obama vs. Lula

  1. lucklucky

    E esta vem directa da Casa de Obama: Newsweek


    …Now both Republican and Democratic intel experts are raising questions about another Blair pick: John Deutch, a former CIA director once accused of major security lapses, who’s been appointed to a temporary panel reviewing troubled, top-secret spy-satellite programs.After Deutch resigned as CIA director in 1996, agency officials discovered he had stored hundreds of pages of classified files on his home computers, despite repeated warnings that they could be intercepted via the Internet. Because of the incident, Deutch was stripped of his high-level security clearances, and a criminal probe into the matter culminated in January 2001, when the ex-spy chief agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor charges of mishandling classified material. (The next day, Clinton, in one of his final acts as president, pardoned him.) Given Deutch’s history, congressional officials want to know why Blair placed him on a panel so sensitive that its work should require an ultra-top-secret security clearance known as SI/TK (Special Intelligence/Talent-Keyhole)…”

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