Estímulos arriscados – II

Via Reuters (meu destaque):

Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher warned on Monday against “Buy America” provisions in a proposed fiscal stimulus law and said it could lead to devastating trade protectionism.

“Let me just be blunt. Protectionism is the crack cocaine of economics. It may provide a high. It’s addictive and it leads to economic death,”(…)

Fisher also urged Congress to balance the immediate need to stimulate growth with the long-term consequences of piling on debt that could be a drag for years to come.

“Our job is to maintain price stability while we engender the growth and employment of the United States … It is a very difficult balancing act, but it can only be done if it is buttressed by sensible fiscal policy,” Fisher said.(…)

“Right now the pressures are not on the inflationary side; they’re on the other side. Longer term, we have to be aware of the fact that we could have, as a result of all these initiatives we’ve taken … baked-in inflationary pressures.

“We’re very mindful of that and our exit strategy has to work with the fact that we cannot allow inflationary pressures to also take root. This is our job,” Fisher said.

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3 pensamentos sobre “Estímulos arriscados – II

  1. Sr. Carlos Santos,
    Eu sou um tipo básico; um ortodoxo da tribo dos retro-ultra-mega-liberais. Como tal nunca esperará de mim argumentos sérios nem esperará que cite quem os apresente.

    Mas não desista de dar conta das suas escritas.
    Não falando pelos restantes membros deste blog, coloco os meus posts estão à sua disposição para continuar a publicitar os seus posts com argumentos nunca ortodoxos mas sempre muito sérios.

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