Um socialista

Um socialista é isto. Polly Toinbee. Os outros não passam de idiotas úteis.

a woman who owns a villa in Tuscany to which she frequently flies and still lectures the rest of us about our CO2 emissions; this is the woman who demanded that we throw open the books and see what everybody earns and then refused to disclose her own whopping salary; this is the woman who sent her children to private schools but insists that we should all send ours to state schools; this is the woman who demands that we pay more taxes and abase ourselves before the state, whilst ensuring that she—pulling down a salary beyond the dreams of avarice for most people in this country—has adequate funds to be able to buy her way out of the hellhole that she would construct for us.

2 pensamentos sobre “Um socialista

  1. André Azevedo Alves

    “Que grande blog esse devil’s kitchen! Espectacular!”

    Muito bom, de facto. É um dos favoritos aqui da casa… 🙂

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