Can Britain Survive multiculturalism?

Artigo de Roger Kimball

Well, can it? Before you answer, take a look at the short video, available on YouTube, that the journalist Dale Hurd posted on CBN, the Christian Broadcasting Network, a few days ago.

Don’t let the word “Christian” frighten you: this is not a proselytizing documentary but rather an educational one. Hurd begins with the by-now-familiar news that Britains’s top judge and the Archbishop of Canterbury have both publicly declared themselves in favor of instituting some elements of Islamic sharia law in Britain. Lord Chief Justice Lord Phillips recently decided that “Islamic legal principles could be employed to deal with family and marital arguments and to regulate finance,” while the Primate of All England called for a “constructive accommodation with some aspects of Muslim law.” He also notes that British authorities have been bending over backwards to cater to Muslim sensitivities.(…)

Mr. Hurd interviews a woman called Gina Kahn, who left an arranged marriage and now lives in hiding for fear of her life. As Ms Kahn notes, whenever radical Islam gets the upper hand in a neighborhood one sees more polygamy, more domestic violence, more forced marriages, and more honor killings. Memo to the Lord Chief Justice: this is what the application of “Islamic legal principles” to family arguments means: more dead women.

As it happens, Gina Kahn is (so far) among the more fortunate victims of Islamic legal principles. Not so lucky was another women portrayed in “Can Britain Survive multiculturalism?” Mr. Hurd shows a clip of the woman speaking from her hospital bed after the first time her father and uncle tried to kill her for refusing an arranged marriage. She went to the British police and begged for their help. “They ignored her,” Mr. Hurd notes, “because the police thought they should respect ethnic diversity and not get involved.” Well, the police do not have to worry about that particular troublemaker any longer. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again: that was her father and uncle’s motto, and eventually they succeeded in murdering her, stuffing her body into a suitcase and burying it in the back yard.

“Can Britain Survive Multiculturalism?” I’d say the answer is No. But that doesn’t mean it can’t fight, and fight successfully, against multiculturalism and the ruinous cultural relativism it has insinuated into the sinews of British society. If it is to be successful, though, that struggle will have to encompass not only the negative fight against the Islamic enemies of Western civilization. It will also have to involve the reanimation of the central principles of Western civilization: virtues like patriotism, public affirmation of the rule of law, and an outspoken allegiance to the formative values of Western democratic society: values like freedom of religion, respect for individual initiative, and equality before the law. In his peroration, Dale Hurd goes to the heart of the matter: “It’s clear,” he says, “that multiculturalism and political correctness have backfired badly. The hard-core Islamists have not been assimilated into society. But Britain’s confidence in democracy and Christian civilization have been seriously weakened.”

What happens next is anyone’s guess.


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