Bye, bye Keynes

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French Socialists are to abandon their classical economic policy dogma of demand stimulation, writes Le Monde. Party leader Francois Hollande said that amid the poor state of public finance and German performance France should not to let the deficit go out of hand. Party members agree that they can no longer rely on Keynesianism (that is the French version of it). Instead Socialists opt for cancelling the fiscal package adopted in the summer of 2007 and to use half of the receipts from the €15bn annual savings to pay back the outstanding debt. Today’s deficits are the taxes of tomorrow, is the new credo of Hollande

2 pensamentos sobre “Bye, bye Keynes

  1. rxc

    Diria mais, espero que o colega Português a siga quanto antes. Mas com a vaga de betão e asfalto que se avizinha, deve ser complicado…

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