Thanks Tony!

Bye then” do Chicken Yogurt:

As a souvenir, here is a cut out and keep guide to the Blair years.

1. Iraqi deaths survey ‘was robust’
2. The Ricin ring that never was
3. “Blair saw legal caveats a year before invasion“
4. “Tony Blair privately committed Britain to war with Iraq and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification“
5. “Children ’starving’ in new Iraq”
6. “Tube PPP ‘cost public purse £1bn’”
7. Cooking the books
8. Lobbygate
9. “Blair broke code to keep war advice from Cabinet”
10. “Almost a third of the government’s arms sales machine is dedicated to selling to a single regime, Saudi Arabia.”

11. “Several hundred people plotting”
12. MRSA deaths double in four years
13. 700 hours to ban fox hunting, 2 days to ban habeas corpus
14. Outflanked on the left by Michael Howard
15. “Hard choices”
16. “It makes you wonder what the other ministers are hiding.”
17. 700 hours on foxhunting, 7 hours on Iraq
18. Torture flights
19. Tuition fees
20. Diego Garcia
21. Lakshmi Mittal
22. Foundation Hospitals
23. Bernie Ecclestone
24. Creationism in schools
25. Ozzy Osbourne but not injured soldiers
26. Our Culture of Fear
27. Imprisoned without trial
28. Straw wants to sell guns to China but Blair has no time for Dalai Lama
29. “We are asked to accept Saddam decided to destroy those weapons. I say that such a claim is palpably absurd.”
30. Privatisation of the air
31. “I have no doubt that he will be exonerated.”
32. Mandelson
33. Mandelson
34. Jackie Milburn
35. Blair the Stowaway
36. Turning unaccompanied asylum-seeking children away
37. Making corporate bribery easier
38. “Reforming” the House of Lords
39. Holidays with Big Tobacco
40. Democratic only when it suits
41. London Underground privatisation
42. Paul Drayson
43. Half-arsed Freedom of Information
44. Alastair Campbell
45. Alastair Campbell
46. Alastair Campbell
47. Alastair Campbell
48. Minimum Wage = Poverty Wage
49. “Tony Blair repeatedly intervened in a bid to deport asylum seekers to Egypt despite being told that they might be tortured and sentenced to death”
50. “Well, Britain gave its support but I did not see anything in return.”
51. Hawks to India
52. Craig Murray
53. Pervez Musharraf
54. Uzbekistan
55. ID Cards
56. PFI Hospitals
57. Outsourcing hospital cleaners
58. PFI Schools
59. A golden future. For some.
60. 45 minutes from Doom
61. The Dodgy Dossier
62. Ken Bigley
63. Margaret_Hassan
64. Iraq
65. Why aren’t they counting the dead?
66. “Putting King Herod in charge of a maternity ward”
67. Astroturfing
68. Tax credits
69. Basra: “a mini-Iran-come-Sicily”
70. “Several hundred” terrorists was actually only 11
71. John Reid: Firebombs are better than napalm
72. Margaret Hodge to Rover workers: Get a job at Tesco
73. Stifling protest
74. UK arms sales to Africa reach £1 billion mark
75. Pisspoor computer system #1
76. Verah Kachepa
77. Walter Wolfgang
78. Memorandum of Understanding #1
79. Charles Clarke: “I welcome the decision” on allowing information extracted under torture.
80. Memorandum of Understanding #2
81. Sent back to Iraq by mistake
82. Pisspoor computer system #2
83. Innocence is no defence
84. The Respect Action Plan
85. Pisspoor computer system #3
86. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill
87. Olive Mukaraguwiza
88. Pisspoor computer system #4
89. ID cards
90. The treatment of the July 7 bombings survivors
91. “A decent and honourable man”
92. Cash for peerages
93. “Here we are not tortured physically but mentally we are tortured.”
94. “Get away from me, I will not be insulted by you, this is an insult“
95. “Hoon plans curb on MPs’ questions”
96. “If this was anything to do with trying to appeal to the electorate, he wouldn’t be so excruciatingly honest”
97. Pisspoor computer system #5
98. Pisspoor computer system #6
99. A slight miscalculation
100. Maya Evans
101. Extraordinary rendition: ignorance is bliss
102. Pisspoor computer system #7
103. Pisspoor computer system #8
104. Sally Cameron
105. Pisspoor computer system #9
106. Immigration cells ‘like kennels’
107. John Reid: Be slow to condemn
108. The politicisation of the police…
109. …or maybe not
110. 28 days
111. The Politics of Fear
112. No inquiry into 7 July bombings
113. Project Allenby-Connaught
114. Charles Clarke
115. Charles Clarke again
116. Siding with torturers. Again.
117. Charles Clarke. Again. Again.
118. “…at worst an unacceptable disdain by the Home Office for the rule of law, which is as depressing as it ought to be concerning.”
119. £100m PFI windfall
120. RAF pilots ‘asked for tank foam’
121. Deep-sixing the BAE fraud inquiry
122. Iatrogenesis
123. John Prescott, unpunished sex pest
124. Alastair Campbell
125. NHS computer system
126. Charging for prisoner’s bed and board
127. Cutting compensation for the wrongly convicted
128. Abusers left without supervision
129. Summary justice
130. Baha Mousa
131. Elizabeth
132. Appeasing terrorists
133. 3000 new offences
134. Lebanon
135. The farewell memo
136. The death penalty
137. Cash for honours
138. Arms to Libya
139. A spiralling Olympic bill
140. Bunker busters to Israel
141. The Trident ‘debate’
142. Halima Basheer
143. Britain blocks Italy’s bid to ban death penalty
144. Blackmailing the police
145. Abdullah Tokhi
146. The Bokhari family
147. Public engagement
148. The Medical Training Application Service
149. Still no 7/7 public inquiry
150. Corruption
151. Every single useless, pointless, infuriating, nauseating, unedifying and unenlightening Prime Minister’s Questions where he never failed to sully his office by answering questions with evasion, obfuscation and petty insults.

Isto tudo via Strange Stuff, que acrescenta:

[1] Reversing the burden of proof.
[2] 7 days detention without charge
[3] 14 days detention without charge
[4] Internment in Belmarsh
[5] Setting up a system to track every single car journey everywhere.
[6] Extra judicial executions on the tube
[7] A voting system that would disgrace a banana republic

3 pensamentos sobre “Thanks Tony!

  1. José F.

    Caro AA,
    Olhando para este rol, nem sei como é que o Partido Trabalhista continua à frente das intenções de votos. Há outros números que se podem dar. Nomeadamente os dois milhões e quinhentos mil novos empregos em dez anos e outros números que atestam uma “saúde” económica efectiva. Ao invés, podemos ver o estado a que chegou o PS francês….

  2. André, algumas são…

    José F., tem toda a razão. o partido trabalhista tem votos, todas as críticas devem ser auto-censuradas.

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