Skepticism on Global Warming – em quatro pontos

Skepticism on Global Warming” no Thoughts on Freedom:

The first ground is the positive question of fact whether the global atmosphere is heating up …. Most of the history of science, scientists have believed what is now known to be untrue or inaccurate. Skepticism is indeed the scientific attitude. So it is perfectly appropriate to approach scientists and their interested prognostications with skepticism.

The second ground for skepticism is whether global warming is being caused by man …. The idea that we should stop global warming because it’s caused by man is certainly ground for skepticism, because it shows that the problem is not global warming as such, it’s the environmental movement’s conception that so much human life, activity, satisfaction and happiness are fundamentally morally wrong.

…. the third ground of skepticism is:- so what?

The great rise in the human population since the advent of industrial capitalism is because people more and more use machines powered by coal and petrol to produce food, clean water, housing, light, warmth, medicines, clothing, transport, communications and entertainment: in other words to support life, health and happiness in greater abundance and quality. But all these are unworthy to those who look down on their fellow human beings as some kind of noxious pest, as the environmental movement seems to do ….

However it may be said that cutting down on current industrial activity will make life better for people in the future. But of course on the other hand, cutting down on such activity has the obvious disadvantage that it reduces the benefits to human beings now. …. The truth is that no scientist, economist, politician or bureaucrat can provide the answers to these questions. They are a matter of arbitrary power; nothing else.

The fourth ground of skepticism about climate change is that, even if we were capable of knowing that governmental action on climate change is desirable, that still would provide no ground for believing that government is capable of achieving the result it wants …. The current rush to political action to forcibly curtail industrial activity so as to wage war on warm weather should be opposed on principle: the principle of human freedom.


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