Vingança ou justiça?

O Estado deve procurar na justiça, vingança ou os maoístas têm direito a exercer esta última?

Maoist former rebels yesterday paraded the bodies of 25 dead comrades through Kathmandu and demanded vengeance against the ethnic rights group who they say murdered them.

The massacre, in which at least 29 people died, took place when rival political rallies met at the same venue in southern Nepal on Wednesday.

According to the Maoists, and some human rights observers who have visited the scene, supporters of the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) chased the Maoists for several miles before killing them with clubs and spears at Gaur near the Indian border.

There are accounts of women Maoists being raped before they were killed and corpses piled up and set on fire in front of thousands of onlookers.

The MPRF claims to represent the ethnic-Indian Madhesi community.

Over sixty people have died in southern Nepal so far this year since protests began demanding an end to discrimination against Madhesis.

No Telegraph.


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