Os números não colaboram com Segolene

The Australian

The shaky campaign of French presidential hopeful Segolene Royal suffered a fresh blow yesterday when her main economic adviser resigned amid growing Socialist dismay over her failure to revive her run for the Elysee Palace.
Ms Royal’s team was locked into a “spiral of depression” after the latest embarrassment in her once-flawless campaign, the newspaper Le Monde said
Ms Royal, 53, was booed by schoolchildren on a visit to a sports ground on Tuesday, and is being deserted by stars of the intellectual world, a traditional bastion of the Left.(…)

Ms Royal ordered her team to focus on promoting the generous financial measures that she promised without being pinned down on their funding.

But Mr Besson, Mr Hollande and others came under media pressure to produce figures after Ms Royal failed to mention costs while preaching the urgency of curbing national debt. They produced the figure of an extra E35billion ($60 billion) a year, and Mr Besson amplified the detail.

On Wednesday, Mr Hollande rounded on Mr Besson for this and he resigned on the spot, complaining about disorganisation and incoherence in the campaign, party sources said.

The incident has reinforced the image of campaign disarray.


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