Sunitas e xiitas e o apoio ao discurso do Bibi

President Obama, listen to Netanyahu on Iran, Faisal J. Abbas  Editor-in-Chief of Al Arabiya English.

Ai Lello, recordar é viver


José Lello não declarou conta de 658 mil euros Deputado do PS esteve 14 anos sem declarar este valor ao Tribunal Constitucional

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Compreender o putinismo XIX

Boris Nemtsov. Imagem via FB do Nuno Rogeiro

Boris Nemtsov. Imagem via FB do Nuno Rogeiro

After Boris Nemtsov’s Assassination, ‘There Are No Longer Any Limits’, por Julia Ioffe.

Even if one of these theories were true, none of Moscow’s embattled liberals would be convinced. “I will never believe it,” Yevgenia Albats, editor of the liberal magazine New Times and an old friend of Nemtsov, told me. “This is not about some domestic affair. These were absolute professionals.” Ilya Yashin, a member of Nemtsov’s Solidarity Party, was of the same mind. “It’s totally obvious for me that it’s a political killing,” he said. “I don’t have the slightest doubt about that.” Maxim Katz, another opposition activist, claimed on Twitter that, any way you slice it, Putin is responsible: “If he ordered it, then he’s guilty as the orderer. And even if he didn’t, then [he is responsible] as the inciter of hatred, hysteria, and anger among the people.”

It’s hard to argue with this last point. Putin’s aggressive foreign policy, his increasingly conservative domestic policy, his labeling the opposition a “fifth column” and “national traitors,” his state television whipping up a militant, nationalistic fervor — all of this creates a certain atmosphere. Putin, after all, has a history of playing with fire, only to have the flames get away from him. After years of the Kremlin tacitly supporting ultranationalist, neo-Nazi groups, the same skinheads staged a violent protest at the foot of the Kremlin walls in 2010 while riot police officers stood by and watched helplessly. Today, a rabid nationalism has swallowed up most of the country, and it is no longer clear that Putin can control it. “In this kind of atmosphere, everything is possible,” Pavlovsky told me. “This is a Weimar atmosphere. There are no longer any limits.”

Until relatively recently, the risks opposition activists knew they were taking on were not generally thought to be life-threatening. The government was likely to hassle activists and make their lives uncomfortable, but mostly it just marginalized them, like the town fool. This began to change with the arrests of protesters in the summer of 2012. When Navalny was sentenced to five years in prison a year later, it came as a shock; this had never been done before. Even after the sentence was suspended, it seemed to be a warning to the opposition.

Nemtsov’s assassination took that warning to its logical conclusion. Now, “we live in a different political reality,” tweeted Leonid Volkov, a prominent opposition activist. “The fact that they killed him is a message to frighten everyone, the brave and the not brave,” Yashin said. “That this is what happens to people who go against the government of our country.” Anatoly Chubais — who, like Nemtsov, served in the Yeltsin government, and who remains close to Putin — visited the site of the shooting this morning. “If, just a few days ago, people in our city are carrying signs that say ‘Let’s finish off the fifth column,’ and today they kill Nemtsov,” he said in astatement, referring to the Kremlin-sponsored anti-Maidan protest in Moscow last weekend, “what will happen tomorrow?” Or, as Albats put it, “Hunting season is open.”

Nemtsov had been confiding to friends of late that he was growing frightened. This summer, he went to Israel to hide out for a few months, fearing arrest. He told Albats that he worried he wouldn’t be able to withstand a stint in a Russian penal colony. In the fall, he filed a police report because of threats he was receiving on social media. It didn’t seem to go anywhere. Recently, he even let his bravado slip in public, telling an interviewer two weeks ago that he was scared Putin would kill him.

And yet, he didn’t let up. According to Albats and Yashin, Nemtsov was working on a particularly incendiary report that he planned to call “Putin and Ukraine,” which would trace the stream of weaponry flowing from Russia to separatists in the Donbass. He was meeting with the families of Russian men who had died fighting with the separatists. He kept up his withering attacks on Facebook and Twitter. He kept traveling to Ukraine and meeting with president Petro Poroshenko, something that couldn’t have gone unnoticed by the Kremlin’s security agencies. And still, Nemtsov never hired a bodyguard. He walked home through Moscow late at night unprotected.

And he almost made it. His apartment building was visible from the bridge. “From his window, where he worked out in the mornings, you can see the place where he was killed,” Romanova told me. “For many years, he saw the place where they would kill him.”

Oremos pelo príncipe Carlos

Prince Charles

We can only pray that our sick planetary patient might be placed on a road to recovery, in the process bringing gains for human well-being.

“Failure to write the prescription, however, might leave us contemplating the death certificate instead.

Compreender o putinismo XVIII


Foto: Wikipedia

Foto: Wikipedia

O político russo Boris Nemtsov suicidou-se foi assassinado no centro de Moscovo com quatro tiros no peito. Opositor político de Putin, era um dos organizadores da marcha anti-guerra prevista para 1 de Março. Parece claro que estava ao serviço e foi morto pela CIA.

Boris Nemtsov: Yes, I’m afraid that Putin will kill me (entrevista de 10 de Fevereiro)

Adenda: Entretanto, Putin auto-nomeou-se chefe da investigação. O homem não tem descanso na defesa da sua honra.

Vladimir Putin has already proposed a theory about Boris Nemtsov’s assassination — that his killing was a provocation presumably (according to this theory) to make the Kremlin look guilty. The Russian state-operated TASS reports (translated by The Interpreter):

“Putin noted that this cruel murder had all the hallmarks of a contract job and bears an exclusively provocational character,” said Peskov [Putin’s press secretary – The Interpreter].

According to him, “the head of state has instructed the leaders of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Interior Ministry and FSB to create an investigative group and to keep the course of the investigation of this crime under his personal control.”

James Miller, Pierre Vaux


Imagem de arquivo que capta Boris Nemtsov com a bandeira ucraniana na mão, ladeado pela ex-PM ucraniana Yulia Tymoshenko e ao fundo, o actual Presidente Petro Poroshenko.

Procura-se consciência na Câmara de Lisboa

Roseta diz que Salgado tinha “perfeita consciência” dos 4,6 milhões.

A presidente da Assembleia Municipal de Lisboa diz que o vereador Manuel Salgado “tem perfeita consciência” de que a isenção de taxas e compensações urbanísticas que a Câmara de Lisboa propôs que fosse concedida ao Benfica é de 4,6 milhões de euros e não de 1,8 milhões. Então por que é que o autarca nunca corrigiu o valor que tem sido divulgado? “Isso pergunte-lhe a ele”, responde Helena Roseta, recusando fazer uma leitura desse facto.

Rua e lenços revolucionários


Enquanto o povo se prepara para defender a revolução nas ruas, a política económica revolucionária de Maduro continua a frutificar.

Exercícios intelectuais nas fronteiras do conhecimento e da paz

Rússia anuncia manobras militares na fronteira com Estónia e Letónia,

Polónia não aprecia comemorações.

 Suécia e a Finlândia assinaram um pacto militar entre si como resposta à crescente ameaça da Nato.

I Have Never Left Russia“.

Os oito erros que levaram a Ucrânia a invadir várias regiões da Rússia.

Showbiz (arquivo cultural-caridoso do então PM russo).

Entretanto no PCTP/MRPP

Já não s@m@s Syris@.

Adenda: Por um qualquer motivo revolucionário que me escapa, os camaradas do site do PCTP/MRPP removeram o link para o vídeo. No entanto, a revolução do Garcia Pereira continua por aqui. Divirtam-se.

O combate ao terrorismo

Também se faz através da justiça.

The Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority backed a series of terrorist attacks in the early 2000s in Israel that killed or wounded Americans, a U.S. jury found Monday in awarding hundreds of millions of dollars in damages at a high-stakes civil trial.

The case has been viewed as one of the most notable attempts by American victims of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to use U.S. courts to seek damages, and the verdict is a setback for the Palestinians’ image as they seek to rally international support for their independence and to push for war crime charges against Israel.

The damages could be a financial blow to the cash-squeezed Palestinian Authority, though the Palestinian authorities plan to appeal and the plaintiffs may face challenges in trying to collect.

In finding the Palestinian entities liable in the attacks, a Manhattan federal jury awarded the victims $218.5 million in damages for the bloodshed in attacks that killed 33 people and wounded hundreds more — damages their lawyers said would automatically be tripled under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act.

Palestinian Authority Deputy Minister of Information Dr. Mahmoud Khalifa called the verdict “a tragic disservice” to Palestinians and to the international community in working toward a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


Nova oportunidade para os críticos de cartoons X

A survivor of the Copenhagen attack speaks: ‘If we should stop drawing cartoons, should we also stop having synagogues?’

Compreender o putinismo XVII



E agora algo completamente inesperado.

A Moscow court late on Thursday jailed prominent Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny for 15 days for breaching a law that restricts demonstrations, barring him from a planned rally on March 1.

Two days earlier another court had ended house arrest terms for Navalny and upheld a suspended three-and-a-half-year prison term for the protest leader over a theft case he says is politically motivated.

Navalny left the courthouse on Thursday evening handcuffed and was whisked away in a police car. He appealed nonetheless to his followers to turn up for the rally against President Vladimir Putin’s policies.

Entretanto na Argentina

Cientos de miles de personas marchan en todo el país en homenaje al fiscal Nisman

La marcha del 18F. Bajo una lluvia torrencial, se movilizan desde el Congreso a Plaza de Mayo unas 260.000 personas, según cálculos de la Policía Metropolitana. La multitud es encabezada por fiscales y familiares de Nisman. Además, hay multitudinarias concentraciones en ciudades del Interior como Rosario, Córdoba, Santa Fe y Mar del Plata.


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Compreender o putinismo XVI

Foto de Andrey Borodulin-AFP

Foto de Andrey Borodulin-AFP

Mineiros independentistas lançam mísseis Grad em Horlivka (Ucrânia), comprados em mercado local, dentro do espírito dos acordos de Minsk I e Minsk II, dando continuidade às populares campanhas dos referendos que, espera-se, tenham continuidade na cidade-natal de.Ludwig von Mises. Quando  o princípio da secessão, um dos mais queridos valores liberais, chegar a Lviv por forma a implantar uma república popular, boa parte do caminho destes mineiros estará feito.


Compreender o putinismo XV

Há que prestar a devida homenagem aos soldados russos que caíram na defesa da Ucrânia Hungria em 1956.

Maduro: a última vítima da “direita pelo direito à blasfemia”



O Presidente da Venezuela é a mais recente aquisição da glamourosa equipa dos críticos de cartoons.

Fonte: Semana.

Nova oportunidade para os críticos de cartoons IX


O evento intitulado “Arte, Blasfémia e Liberdade de Expressão” que visava discutir aqueles temas foi interrompido pelo participante Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, nascido e criado no Reino da Dinamarca, que dentro da sua liberdade decidiu responder aos tiros, assassinando o realizador dinamarquês Finn Norgaard. Guiado pela natural insatisfação humana, o crítico expôs os seus pontos de vista à porta de uma sinagoga, assassinado Dan Uzan, membro daquela comunidade judaica. Pelo caminho, dentro da sua liberdade feriu mais cinco pessoas. O crítico de arte – variante cartoons – foi abatido pelas forças repressivas dinamarquesas.

Uma vez mais e ao contrário das vítimas,  os afamados críticos dos cartoons têm a oportunidade para se exprimirem em liberdade. De preferência através da caixa de comentários.

Alterações climáticas em Yale

It’s Too Cold To Protest Global Warming At Yale

Yale anti-fossil fuel campaigners have indefinitely postponed a protest that was set for this weekend due to “unfavorable weather conditions and other logistical issues.”

Fossil Free Yale, a group pushing the university to divest itself from fossil fuels, told the Yale Daily News that frigid, snowy weather set for this weekend will mean their global warming protest will have to be postponed.

Calote argentino II


Argentine President and Foreign Minister Charged Over Cover-Up of Iran’s Role in AMIA Atrocity

The Argentine Federal Prosecutor appointed to examine the accusation that the Argentine government attempted to cover up Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires has announced that he will be pursuing the country’s top leadership over the charge, in a major endorsement of the claims advanced by Special Prosecutor Alberto Nisman on the eve of his death last month in suspicious circumstances.

President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman are the most prominent names in Gerardo Pollicita’s complaint, described by the Buenos Aires Herald as giving “a green light” to the charges originally made by Nisman before he died. As The Algemeiner reported earlier today, there is a growing conviction in both Argentina and Israel that Iran was also behind Nisman’s death, which the Argentine government is officially treating as a suicide.

In addition to Fernández de Kirchner and Timerman, Pollicita also charged several of their main political allies, including Luis D’Elia, a former member of the cabinet of Néstor Kirchner (Fernández de Kirchner’s late husband and predecessor in office) Andrés Larroque, a parliamentarian, former prosecutor Héctor Yrimia and Allan Bogado, a suspected member of Argentina’s state intelligence service.


Leitura complementar: Calote argentino.


Arrogant statism of global warming fanatics, por por Daniel J. Mitchell

Global warming may well be real. But climate alarmists, and especially those who follow their agenda, are filled with arrogance and hubris and they have immense power to cause damage  (…)

But here’s the catch. I don’t trust radical environmentalists. Simply stated, too many of these people are nuts.

Then there’s the super-nutty category.

But you know what’s even worse than a nutty environmentalist?

What terrifies me far more are the very serious, very connected, and very powerful non-nutty environmentalists who hold positions of real power. These folks are filled with arrogance and hubris and they have immense power to cause damage.

If you think I’m exaggerating, here’s some of what was contained in a release from the United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe. (…)

Rússia: soluções para todos os gostos

Igor Sechin, que é o presidente da companhia estatal russa de energia Rosneft, vem justamente queixar-se da OPEC, acusando-a de desestabilizar o mercado de petróleo e de estar ao serviço dos interesses de um pequeno grupo de países do Médio Oriente. Tem solução este problema da Rússia: voltar aos gloriosos tempos da economia soviética, tornar-se ainda mais independente da OPEC, formar uma organização concorrente – a concorrência dá sempre bons frutos – ou simplesmente deixar de apoiar o projecto nuclear iraniano.

Matar, crucificar e desmembrar

Sim, desde que de acordo as altas autoridades religiosas.

Egypt’s al Azhar University, Sunni Islam’s foremost religious authority, called for the “Killing, crucifixion and chopping of the limbs” of Islamic State (IS) terrorists who burnt alive Jordanian pilot Moaz al Kasabeh, probably in Syria.

Já sabemos que a verdadeira culpa deve ser repartida, desde o desaparecimento dos dinaussaros, entre Israel, os EUA, a UE e a NATO.

Vergonha em tons multiculturais III

A number of the men appeared in court today and will appear again in two weeks. The investiagation, which began when two women came forwards to police with complaints about their mistreatment has now charged a total of 31 men. The force is now investigating the cases of 12 women, some of whom are only 13 years old.

Vale a pena ler o artigo de James Delingpole, Rotherham where some cultures are more equal than others.

(…)Problem is, as all those poor young girls with their hideously blighted lives have discovered, if you belong to a victim group that doesn’t fit into the left’s fashionable narrative then you don’t count as a victim at all.

This is why, as both the Casey report and Communities Secretary Eric Pickles noted in evident disgust, Rotherham Council has been so continually reluctant to admit that it has done anything wrong. It’s also why South Yorkshire Police have failed to show any real contrition. It’s why the left-liberal media remains so determined to play the issue down. And it’s why what ought to be a national scandal yet remains so ill-understood that when, a few months ago I raised it on a BBC youth debate programme called Free Speech, my fellow panelists and almost the entire audience shouted me down as a liar.

Our politically correct culture made this problem. Our politically correct culture is too well indoctrinated to be capable of fixing it. (…)

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“socialismo é liberdade e abundância” II


Os verdadeiros socialistas detestam algumas formas de controlo de natalidade e determinadas formas de protecção.

The $755 Condom Pack Is the Latest Indignity in Venezuela

Venezuelans who already must line up for hours to buy chicken, sugar, medicines and other basic products in short supply now face a new indignity: Condoms are hard to find and nearly impossible to afford.

“The country is so messed up that now we have to wait in line even to have sex,” lamented Jonatan Montilla, a 31-year-old advertising company art director. “This is a new low.”

A collapse in oil prices has deepened shortages of consumer products from diapers to deodorant in the OPEC country that imports most of what it consumes, with crude exports accounting for about 95 percent of its foreign currency earnings. As the price the country receives for its oil exports fell 60 percent in the past seven months, the economy is being pushed to the brink with a three-in-four chance of default in the next 12 months if oil prices don’t recover.

The impact of reduced access to contraceptives is far graver than frustration over failed hookups. Venezuela has one of South America’s highest rates of HIV infection and teenage pregnancy. Abortion is illegal.

“Without condoms we can’t do anything,” Jhonatan Rodriguez, general director at the not-for-profit health group StopVIH, said by phone Jan. 28 from Venezuela’s Margarita Island. “This shortage threatens all the prevention programs we have been working on across the country.” (…)


Em Abril do ano passado, nas farmácias estatais cubanas não se encontravam preservativos. Era possível encontrar o popular método anti-concepcional em lojas cubanas vocacionadas para os turistas que os vendiam à unidade, pelo simpático preço de um dia de trabalho de um cubano: cerca de um dólar e trinta cêntimos.
Na altura, na esperança de diluir a falta de profilácticos no mercado, as autoridades sanitárias cubanas aprovaram a venda de mais de um milhão de preservativos com o prazo de validade expirado. No entanto, as mesmas autoridades garantiam que o material estava em perfeitas condições e que as embalagens apresentam um erro nas datas de validade.
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